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Song Parodies

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Woe befell the songs of the universe when I got this particular bench partener in class 10 of school. The concept and the joy of spoofing songs that Devang Patel had introduced me to as a kid got strengthened by my proximity to this fellow for a year. Because he introduced me to a lot of fascinating new spoof songs (not his original, but what the heck) like....

Haathi ka anda la (for aati kya khandala)

Kachre ke dabbey mein tujhko bithakarrrrr...
Upar se plastic ka dhakkan lagakarrrrr...
Rakhunga gutter ke paas...
Aayegi Tujhko bhi baas!

(that was based on 'Dil ke jharokhey mein tujhko bithakarrrrr.....mat ho meri jaan udas')

Since that year that was such a turning point in my life, I have been on a life's mission on reinterpreting and reincarnating songs. Some of these 'inspired pearls' you have already come across in some of my previous posts. Here is a consolidation of some of the other products of my 'mental' process...

Will keep you updated as I remember/make more of them....

Based on

Baar Baar Haan! Bolo yaar haan!
Apni Jeet Ho....Unki Haar Haan!


Nahin Hai Tar yahan, Chahiye Wheel Drive Char yahan.
Apni Jeep Ho....Unki Car Haan!
To koi humse jeet na paawey..chaley chalo...
Mitjawey Jo Truck Aawey, Chaley Chalo!

Chhoot gayi jo...Lungi Uski! Paancho mili toh..Ban gayi Mitti!

(This song is also about sporting, just like the original. Except the sport is off-road racing, not cricket. The racing track is not made of tar. You gotta have a good 4-wheel drive vehicle to race. The heroes wish that while they have a jeep, others use some puny little cars. But they know they are no match for any truck that might also be in the race.
Then as the race is progressing, someone's lungi comes off. The attention of five drivers got diverted by it and their five vehicles crashed with each other and bit dust....and the rest is suspense...

By the way, just like any 'high level' art, the above line is open to interpretation ;) . Was it a lungi of a southie guy? Or was it a 'sophisticated lungi' of a flag girl? Or what?

Based on....

Jhalak Dikhla jaa! Jhalak Dikhla jaa!
Ek Baar Aaja Aaja...Aaja Aaja...Aaja!


Jaley Kaddu Khila Jaa! Jaley Kaddu Khila Jaa!
Yeh Kabad KhajaaKhaaja...Khaaja Khaaja...Khaaja!
Based on...

Hum Hain Naye, Andaaz kyun ho purana?


.Hum Hen Hain...Andaas kyun ho purana?
(Obviously, hens will only give you fresh eggs eh?)

Based on..... Musumusuhaasi

Moose Moose Hathi aur Whale Mammal Hain,
Moose Moose Haathi aur Whale!
Based on....
Roshni sey...Bharey Bharey,
Madd bharey..naina tere....
Chhoo ke..boley...na chhoona mujhey!


Roz nichey...Bihari Hari...
Pan waaley...se kahe rey....
Pan pe..laga ke... de chuna mujhey!

Based on........
Lehera ke Balkha ke...
Sharara sharara...
(Shamita Shetty wala item number)


Gyri ke, Sulci ke...
Layeron mein dhal jaa key....
Khopdi mein jaakey...
Galey pe saja key....
Yeh hai sar tumhara..
Sar hai kyun khuja rha? Sar hai kyun khuja rha?
Kyun hai sar khuja raha...?
And this one is on the very art of making parody songs..

Based on...

Pyaar Dewana hota hai mastana hota hai...
Har Khushi se Har Gham se Begana hota hai..


Parody Gaana banana bada asaan hota hai...
Bas Kisi ki Sargam ka 'Bajana' hota hai...
Watch this space for more!
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  1. nahi nahi nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!i havent read the post yet.. i just read the title... and then i read teh last line.. whcih said watch out for MORE.. nahi nahi nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii....
    ab i m going back to read teh post

  2. Dikara, tu tau gujjubhai che? BJP ki adami. This Sardarji Economist Prime Minister refuses to laugh at anything.

    From Japan @ G(r)8!



  3. //Moose Moose Hathi aur Whale Mammal Hain,
    Moose Moose Haathi aur Whale!

    HAHAHAHA! Abbe tu itna brilliant kaise hai re??? :D :D :D

  4. I am feeling very hungry. So, 'I'm going to eat pizza' :D

  5. hey! another longgggggggg email ur way...do check it when u have nuthing better to do and too much time to kill.

  6. Nice, actually gr8. ..havn't heard good parodies for ages! except stupid things that sajid khan makes up on award shows

  7. heyii there was this song me n my bro used to sing whn v were kids...a song 4m Anari i think...phoolon sa chehra tera.. dont remember how our parody started but it definitely ended with "rang tera dekh ke, roop tera dekh ke suuar(pig) bhi hairaan hai"..!! ;)

  8. @maryum

    Tu ruk thoda, aur bohot saarey parody gganey yaad aatey rehte hain mereko, likhne ka mauka nahin mil raha bas!

    pradhan mantri ji,

    hasiye! mein BJP ka aadmi nahin hoon!

    Aur honae na honae e kya farak padta hai. Laughter is the best medicine. Maybe it will cure the rising inflation.

    //HAHAHAHA! Abbe tu itna brilliant kaise hai re??? :D :D :D

    Naah just mildly frustrated person with a wee bit destructive bent of mind ;). So I enjoy spoiling everything good :)


    Aah I am a bit late in wishing you, but still let me wish you by one more song parody.

    Kha pizza...kha pizza...
    Sauce mein duba...kha piza...
    Kha ke fir, ghar bhi ja
    daba ke kha..so bhi jaa!

    (original is from Sur..
    Aa bhi jaa...Aaa bhi ja...
    Ae subah...Aa bhi jaa....
    Raat ko...kar vida...
    Dilruba...aa bhi jaa (or something like that)

    @ maryum
    Ya I read your mail and the reply to my reply. Will reply you soon. Not getting time... :(

    @Think tank
    What! Sajid makes Stupid things? How dare he!
    This calls for revenge!
    From now on I will make Sajid Things!

    Hey wow, bachpan se hi you were showing all the potential to become the laguage student that you are!

    Using advanced figure of speech since such a young age!

    The orginal song ended
    Rang tera dekh ke, roop tera dekh ke Kudrat bhi hairan hai!

    But you decided to use the figure of speech Synechdoche - Use of Part for the Whole!

    So you sang
    Rang tera dekh ke roop tera dekh ke Suuar bhi hairan hai!

    Suuar-is a part of the whole-Nature, Kudrat!
    So you effectively used Synechdoche!
    Go figure! (Of speech I mean heh)

    By the way, isn't Suuar colour blind?
    Then how did it become hairan looking at rang?

  9. :) @ all

    :D @ at pizza kha jaa. Very impressive especially, if it was that spontaneous.

    I also used to make parodies in first year (of MBBS)--up to three in a day, but then gave up on them. Might do a post on them some day. :)


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