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That sounds like....a pilfered song

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Yes I know it. You know it. I know you know it. We all know that all of us know it....that Bollywood music has no originality. All good tracks are 'inspired' by some good foreign music.

But still some of them come as total shockers.

Like this one I discovered the other day......

One day I was listening to "Oh Carol....."
(Please don't bother about interpreting my musical tastes based on this. I do not have tastebuds in my ear. This one came with the computer when It was purchased in 1st/2nd year of engineering)

Suddenly something sounded so so so very familiar about it. Although I had heard this one so often, it didn't really click till that moment. This song sounds just like...

"Aey Dil! Laya Hai bahar....." from movie "Kya Kehna!" (Priety Zinta one)

Here is a line by line tune by tune comparison....

"Aey Dil!"
"Oh Carol!"

"Laya hai bahar!"
"I am but a fool!"

"Apnon ka pyaar..."
"Darling I love you..."

"Kya kehna!"
"Don't you treat me cruel!"

(I know the two comparisons do not rhyme or anything. Its about the tune in which they are sung and played)

After that also the similaity continues, with the fast
"Khile Khile Chehron se aaaj...Ghar hai meraa...."
But in so many years, thanks to the 'quality' of my computer speakers and my lack of well tuned ear (Hmmm could it be because of the absence of tastebuds in them?) I have never been able to interpret the words of the corresponding fast line of the English song. But it is of exactly matching tune here too. I can assure you about that.
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  1. Go to itwofs.com.
    You will find a lot of plagiarized songs!

  2. heee.. i never realised, n i look quite stupid, even trying to sing the 2 songs lousd.n duhh, ya're ryte....

    neways having tastebuds in ya ears.. heee- i think tehy are called sensory receptors ;)

  3. omg!!!kal i was searching something on yourtube and came across this...now go to youtube and see this video and its other four parts as well..

    and i m sure k u arent allowed to open youtube in the office...
    neways the videos have a list of songs by pritam.. all HIS HITS are apparently INSPIRED,..

  4. dude...Pehla nasha interlude is a ripoff from Hello by Lionel Richie...a song which is lauded to be the best love song of all times!!Imagine!!

    Scribblers Inc.

  5. taste buds in the ear!! LOL! funny u :P
    why don't u go check out lyric007.com for the lyrics of Oh Carol

  6. @ sol, then its no fun. Like Aamir Khan's funda of "Make your own mistakes", the fun is in suddenly correlating and realising it when listening.

    @jane's mantra of rantra travel without l
    (please don't mind I am just slurring in sleep)

    yeah, this one is not such an obvious one. Nicely covered in wrapping of family family original Indian feel. Plus its melody is not very very musical. Tune seems simple enough to assume that bollywood music composers might have come up with it themselves.

    About tastebuds in ears. No I still insist I do not have them. Maybe those magicians who drink sherbats through their ears have them, but I dont :)

    Ya I've heard that about pritam.
    Read the mail. Reply karta hoon :). Busy hoon thoda. As you know.


    Aisa kya? Damn and sheesh!
    Seems Amir must have told his music part "Make your own mistakes"
    The music fellows believed two negatives make an affirmative.
    So they made Pehla Nasha.
    Neither their own, nor a mistake!


    I think its like Jhonson and Jhonson earbuds. The brand name is Taste (written in all classy calligraphy, so that those with a 'great taste in all things' will buy them just for how the box looks). Then people put the Taste buds in their ears to clean the wax, and Lo! You have Taste buds in ears!

  7. :) @ taste buds in ears.

    My word verification is thook--very taste bud-y


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