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The best code crakers in the world!

Monday, August 25, 2008
Thay are none other than........................ta-da!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boys who attend to the juice'n'shakes parlour at my office!

You don't beleive it? Read on.

Juice-bar-attendant-boy: "Kounsa shake?"
Casual-IT-worker-guy: "Papaya Banana."

(thoughts of a mere mortal like me:
Papaya + Banana combination shake ? (yuck?)
1 Papaya and 1 Banana shake?)

But! The super correct interpratation of super sleuth Juice-bar-attendant boy?
"OK! So this guy wants Papaya Shake!"

But still the order is not precise and complete. So our super sleuth probes further,"Kitna mangta hai?"

Casual-IT-worker-guy replies,"Ek Do."

I am still trying to gather my mind reeling from the comfusion whether this guy wants Ek Papaya Shake or Do Papaya Shake. But our juice-bar-super-smarty? He super-smartly shouts the order to the guy inside the kitchen "Saab ko Ek Papaya Shake Do!"

Only then did I understand what the customer had said "Ek Do : Give One". Sheesh why could I not think of it! [ ;) ]

But then even the best can falter.
Today it happened.

While I was waiting for my 'Pineapple-juice-without-sugar' one fellow came in a rush.
"Chickoo. Late ho raha hai! Jaldi!"
What did they serve him? Chocolate shake!
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  1. "Papaya banana" .... "Ek Do"

    :P :P

    I wouldn't have figured this out too!!

    True...sometimes even the best falter :D