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Junkie Monkey, u'r Sunkey!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
In the title,
Sunkey = 'Kewl' extention of Sunk rhyming with Monkey and Junkie
Sunkey = सनकी (Mad in Hindi)
For softies who drink soft drink:
If you drink pepsi a lot, all you will think is "My Can!". That is meaningless bloody wrong English.
If you drink fruit juices (Read: unfermented :) ) and such beverages, you will think "I can!". This is bloody good English and a rocking thought to think!


"Have a potato wafer."
"No thanks."
"Have one..."
"No I really shouldn't..."
"Just one?"
"No I can't.."
"Oh come on just one!"

Ruffles Lays! Ruffles Lays! No one can eat just one.

Good if such day comes when no one does.
Some junk foods claim they are fat-free.
So is Cyanide

Some Junk foods have zero trans-fats.
So does Cyanide.

Some Junk foods have low sodium content.
Most forms of Cyanides do not have sodium in their chemical structure.

Cynide kills.
I rest my case.
You guess the rest.

Junkie monkey put yourself in a hypothetical zoo cage which has a sign put up "Do not feed the animals (with junk)"
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