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I have a new title. So this post does not need one

Monday, November 17, 2008
They say when you die you go to a better place.

I discovered that whether or not its true for people,
it is definitely true for my career.

As some of you who still lurk around here know, it had died in the previous place.
The better place that it has gone to now gives me 61 % more salary, free cab transport right to my doorstep (previous company TOOK few thousand bucks for their jumping-jalopy rotten buses!!!!), subsidised food which is lot better than the non-subsidised food of the previous country (I am not the only one saying this. Ask anybody who worked for the company in my city. The food was really bad tasting. (Plus can you imagine eating kofta curry and veg 65 almost every alternate day?????) )

And the US couterpart mothership of this new company has received lots of awards for employee friendliness and had been voted amongst the top 100 best companies to work with!
The Indian couterpart also seems goody goody as of now.

Yes today was my first day.
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  1. aaah...too soon to judge...but hope all the days are as good as the first day!

  2. Congrats congrats congrats :)

    Have you shifted your base from the "Banner" wala city?

  3. ha..jiyo mere lal ..wats d new title btw?

  4. What a happy ending indeed...;)
    (btw, free ka maal always tastes nicer :p )

  5. Congrats! :)

    Btw, what's your zodiac (sun) sign? Only if you don't mind sharing.

  6. layoffs continue... and congrats for the new beginnning

  7. bhagwan ke ghar der hain andher nahi ;)

  8. Congratulations and good luck!
    Am still awaiting an email from you at solitaire2009@gmail.com

  9. A Non-Gay hug from your fan..

    Very good news..!
    pray for me brother.. (as well)

  10. so how was the first week ....

    aab wooh Kofta curry and veg 65 yaad aa rahe hein ki nahin

  11. @Paradox Philic

    Thanks !!!


    Sure hope so!


    Thanks thanks thanks :)
    Inspite of what statcounter told you, I never lived in that "Banner" wala city!!
    But I am in the same city as earlier. Though statcounter may tell you a different story!

    @think tank
    'associate consultant' may sound very impressive, but its near the bottom of IT heirarchy in that company :P

    Thanks bro! And glad you had some good endorphins released withing you! ;)

    Thanks you! may it be so!

    Thanks! But do you know 'the way it began'? ;)

    There was a big hint, in fact a total give-away about that last month in one of the posts :)

    Thanks man!

    Thank you!

  12. CongratulationzZ! :D

    Btw..what were those full stops in the comment of the post on X-chromosomians for? :O

  13. @Pri

    Haan yaar, bhagwan apna electricity bill time par pay nahin kartey toh mera kya hota!



    Non-gay : Thats english right? God forbid if its Hindi!!!
    Anyways Pri said something above about God paying His electricity bills late and still getting away with it. (So... you be all right you'll be all right!)

    Post about the week coming up!
    Aur nahin yaar, nahin yaad aa rahe. Yaad dila bhi mat!!
    Corn palak and rajma is lot yummier, pineapple raita are lot better here :)

  14. //Corn palak and rajma is lot yummier, pineapple

    dost tu apne khane ki taarif kar raha hein yea phir kisse (isse) bhookhe ko jala raha hein ;)

  15. In a post or a comment? That will make my life easier. Thx! :P

  16. @kanan

    The answer is in a post.
    But only when you read some of the comments that you realise that the answer to what you are looking for is in the post ;)

    By the way, in a very indirect way the answer is also hidden in my two replies to you in this post.

    By indirect way, I do not mean that now you know you have to dig up the answer in one of the posts last month.

    Just think what the last month's post could possibly be about, and you will know my sun-sign ;)

  17. Arrey jyada jal mat Nitin,

    Its different pre-planned menu for each day. I just mentioned the best. But we also have the 'rest'

  18. An extremely belated congratulations! I hope you're with the same company still, and somewhat satisfied. :)


  19. Shit! 9th October was your b'day? You never responded in affirmative. Anyway, a belated happy b'day! See, without your ever telling me what your b'day is, how would I know, so that way I've done pretty well, especially without going back to that post! :) TC.


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