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Journey of Haiku(??) to Hell in half a day

Thursday, November 27, 2008
An earning bachelor;
Yearns a bike and baiku*.
Is this a haiku**?
*baiku = wife in Marathi.
**I don't know what really makes a haiku, cos I haven't yet read this beginning to end. But at least my 'poem' seems to sound like the examples given there :P
Note also:
This poem is not autobiographical. I ride a bicycle, not a bike. I even took it to office for a year. Then I fell sick. Then I recovered. Then bicycle got rusted. Then I lost interest :P . Hope to revive it soon. And if anything, I still yearn a bicycle, not bike.
And about baiku. Well, abhi to mein Amul Kool dudh peeta bachcha hoon :P.
Also Note:
Actually I was inspired about this (this bike-baiku phonetics, not the haiku) a long ago when I lived with roommates.
My Marathi roommate bought a new bike. So I said "Arrey wah, naya bike! Fir nayi baiku! Badhia hai!" like that ad long back.
Note this too:
Yesterday night I actually made up the 'haiku' from bike-baiku.
After I made it, it reminded me of the new ad..
"Nazar ko kya chahiye..Khwab thodey jyada..."
(The visual theme of that ad is like the 'haiku' above)
That tune was still playing in my head as I eat breakfast this morning in the office canteen watching TV. And its anybody's guess what was playing on any TV in India this morning.
So like it happens with me all too often, I hear a tune and my reptilian brain clothes those tunes in some totally unrelated lyrics. This time the result was quite grotesque (Beleive me I dont build these words up, I dont even task myself to make a parody. The words just emerge in flash. I am not guilty :P) ..
"Terror karney ka hi hai...Taj phodey aaja"
(Nazar ko kya chahiye...kwab thodey jyada)
(The bold and unbold are just for indicating matching tunes)
(Sounds quite eerie if sung in the same pleasant sing-song tune)
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  1. This post seemed sardonically funny, till I realised the truth of the last lines... You are right, tune them to the words which you made... it gives an eerily nauseating atmosphere...
    What a strange, but unique imagination and observation :)

  2. Yeah till the previous night, the post was meant to be just that -sardonically funny or something like that.

    But then the thing happened outside my head. And it causes things inside my head. And I just HAD to add it.

  3. Wow! So, so, soooo many correlations! Stupefying! Really! As such bicycle is also a bike. Bike is a contraction of bicycle. Motor bicycle is actually more appropriately contracted as mobike. But I'm not complaining. Got to know a bit more about you. ;)