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Lovindranath TAGore

Monday, November 10, 2008
So sorry I gorgot to add this earlier.

I was tagged by Kanan.

If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
My lover cant betray me. Cos she would cease to be my lover a moment before the betrayal.

If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
That one day I will actually have a real dream and fulfill it. I guess its covered by one of
my earlier posts.

What do you love the most in your lover?
The question should be will, not do. Then the answer is dont know.

What would you do with a billion dollars?
Don't cross your bridges before you come to them. I guess the idea will organically build up
in case I actually get them or would be in the process of getting them. Why worry now.

Will you fall in love with your best friend?

Looking at the symbolic cap in "Maine Pyar Kiya" had always made me wonder ki yeh hero
heroine lovers hain, par ek dure ko "Friends" ke naam ki "Topi kyun pehna rahe hain"?

Anyways, jokes apart, why bother about 'concepts' like friends, best-friends, lovers,
soul-mates and such crap. Just let the relationships organically develop. Yes you noticed that right. I have recently caught fascination of the word 'organically'. Ever since I read it somewhere recently and it seemed to be conveying this particular notion, feeling and sense for which I always felt and for which previously I did not have any word.

Please do not logically dissect the word 'organically'. I am just referring to the layman
meaning of 'organic', whose other usages you may have come across in phrases like
'organically grown food'. I am not referring to its scientific meaning. Scientifically
speaking, all the horrid plastics are also 'organic' because they are covalently bonded
carbon chains, and there is the whole branch of organic chemistry dedicated to these.

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Cant separate the process of applying butter on bread from the process of covering bread
with butter.

How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
I am not a waiter. Anyways I don't mind serving her dinner occassionally.

If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Wow! the person I secretly like voluntarily sends me an email with her pic? Obviously I'll immediately download the attachment! Maybe take a colour printout too.

If you like to act with someone, who will it be?
Your gf/bf or an actress/actor?Currently I don't have one. Maybe I'll make the actress my g/f.

What takes you down the fastest?
I m never high.

How would you see yourself in ten years’ time?
I dont know. First we had ponds. Then we had mirrors. Now cameras. Technology is too
fast and unpreditable.

What’s your fear?
Growing older without doing anything much.

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
I dont judge people by their blogs. You should not judge me either. Shakespeare is not

Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Good things are not mutually exclusive.The question sounds like I opted for 50-50 lifeline in Kaun Banega Crorepati and the dumb computerji eliminated the correct answer.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Depends where and how I fell asleep and what the situation is on waking up. There are infinite possibilities depending upon whether I fell
1) Slept in the bus and missed the stop while asleep
In a bus and wake up with a betel leaf (paan) chewing disgusting fellow sleeping on my shoulder drooling.
In a bus and wake up with the condeucter saying "Ticket ticket!"
In a bus and wake up with the ticket checker saying "Ticket ticket!" and I have one.
In a bus and wake up with the ticket checker saying "Ticket ticket" and I dont have one (blame the sleep, not my kuda-baksh musafir intentions)

2) Slept in the classroom with tummy rumbling (on waking during lunch break)
In the classroom with teacher mumbling at a distance.
In the classroom with teavher rumbling over my head.
In the classroom with friend poking pencil in my ear.

3) Slept at work with assignment due fifteen minutes ago
At work while others already left for that urgent meeting
At work while in that urgent meeting
At work with boss saying "Good morning stupidosaur, did I disturb you?"

4) Slept in bed at night and wake up on a weekend
In bed at night and wake up by the jangling alarm
In bed at night and wake up to pee/eat/drink
In bed at night and wake up to "Chor Chor Chor!"
In bed at night and woken up by the damn mosquito bites

5) An afternoon nap
6) In a boring movie
8) etc
It also depends whether I slept alone or with the hypothetical special someone about whom
this tag is majorly about.

Would you give all in a relationship?
Give take? What is that? I thought relationships are about organically (notice my fascination with 'organically' just being together. You give 'something' or 'everything' only when you selfishly expect something. Thats the whole funda of barter system, money, economics and such things. Relationships are not business.

If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
There are all kinds of love with all kinds of people, again not mutually exclusive.

Would you forgive and forget, no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?
Yes I will forgive her for falling in love with me ;)
But I'll never forget that she is in love with me ;)

If you get to go back in time and fall in love all over again, would it still be with the same person?
First let me go forward in time, fall in love all over for once, then go forward some more
in time. Then I can let you know.
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  1. Ah, the wit in your blog titles. lol! Lovindranath indeed! :-)

    ps: you should be in advertising..especially those amul ads.

  2. I think u did this tag the best :)

    **in case I actually get them or would be in the process of getting them. Why worry now.

    hehe good ans.

    LOL @Lovindranath TAGore! u sure r!


  3. Oyyyyyye. Whats with not replying to comments.. Haan?

  4. ROFL for the title!
    "Wow! the person I secretly like voluntarily sends me an email with her pic? Obviously I'll immediately download the attachment! Maybe take a colour printout too." - muhahahaha...

    very organically answered ( i dont care what it means)

  5. Guys sorry for the "No Comments" approach recently.

    Thing is, I type post at chome, simply publish it at some cyber cafe, visit few other blogs and leave after other work regarding leaving old job and joining new.

    Lets when I get back to normal. Will reply soon

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. haha this is one interesting way of doing a tag....
    its 12.15 in the morning and im all grins when actually the insomnia is supposed to get me cranky :D

    (heyy just wanted to know...did u comment on my post 'sealed with a kiss' with another profile id called "mr stupidosaur wiseratops"???
    please reply ASAP!!)

  8. Okie okie.. To thik chhe.. No probs chokra.. :D

  9. the title was kewl.. and you are never high? hehe.. i believed you

  10. Organically speaking, there was to much organicity in this post...!



  11. Hahaha! haven't laughed like this in last ten days... I truly enjoyed this one... highlights were:

    - dumb computerji eliminated the correct answer.
    - boss saying did I disturb you?
    - not judging people by their blogs.
    - friend poking pencil in my ear.


    Thanks for taking up this tag. :)

  12. I hit publish too soon.. Lovindranath was quite cute. First post that I found way too serious for the topic and most meaningful. It felt like it came from the heart.

  13. @phatichar


    I wouldn't like to be in advertising.

    Its like doing nothing real really.
    Why do we need to 'promote' products? We just need to tell whats really good about them and whats not. Playing on people's emotions to sell junk doesn't seem appealing to me. People don't need to buy so much stuff anyways

    But then world aint about ideologies. Its just about profits eh?

    I loved 'real' things once. Like science, life, engineering and stuff. But now I am stuck in IT, a borderline case between the two stuff.

    Of course I view pure art differently than advertising. There 'practically' useless junk sells just for its own sake. For the sake of the beauty of the human mind it represents. For the emotions it conveys. It does not play with ppl's emotions to 'sell' some totally random stuff.

    Plus as the artist earns name, ppl invest in his/her art, even if they themselves may not be able to see any beauty in it. Its there investment portfolio. Play on fatsos!

    Funny how money was initially meant to represent real things and services. But now money itself is the most real thing. And when people began trading money for 'buying' more future money, look what happened.

    And now even though in the last months the number of ppl capable of doing the same good work they were initially capable of doing is same, everything is disrupted cos there is no 'money in the market'.

    Heck money is meant to represent the work. It should be the effect of work. But now work is done based on whether there will be any money to represent it.

    Even malpractices like adulteration cheating etc result from more importance of the representation (money) rather than the thing represented!!!!!

    Mabe just like barter system became obsolete, one day 'money' will also be replaced by a better system. I am not talking about paper money replaced by plastic money and electronic accounts. Their concept is the same. In fact credit cards are worse ;)

    I am thinking of something like discovering some very fundamental realities of the universe and building a technology upon that. In such a system, 'value' will get automatically generated only when a real thing is done, governed by some law of nature. Under-the-table shady deals, greed based but legal deals, etc will not even be thechnically feasible in such a system!!

    Ah sorry phatichar, I just went on typing inpromptu. Its something I ve always felt, but sometimes felt foolish after thinking it. Now with this financial crisis thing at least I find something tangible to point my fingers at.

    Anyways yes many ads are highly entertaning. Even aesthetically pleasing. As a kid I was always more interested in the 'adotise' that came in between the mostly boring DD programs. But somehow I have never felt like buying any particular thing just beacuse they say great things in the adverts.

    And true the creative lines writer of the Amul ads would not get a good remuneration ,money (representation of value of his 'work') anywhere other than in Ad industry :)

    Ironies of the human spheres of economy!

  14. Thanks Keshi :)
    I sure am LovindrANATH.

    No lady to take cae of me ;)

  15. Urv, dekh aaaj reply kar raha hoon. Cyber se!

  16. @HP

    No attachments yet. With or from anyone :P

    Organically sorta means naturally, without synthetically pushing for it. Happening in most natural flow way. What they call 'Living Inside Out'

  17. @ pri

    Insomnia is good for you. Otherwise that green lizard may fall on you from the wall and wake you up asking the purpose of life ;)

    BTW, which planet do you live on? Never seen any green lizards on my house walls. They are like wheatishly coloured or have a camouflage like scaly skin in greyish-brownish-wheatish.

    Teri taklif thodi dur ki aaj

    Yeah only Pri's lizards are high on the wall. I am another kinda lizard ;)

    Okay. I'll try to understand the meaning of that comment at my own sweet organic leisure.


    Thanks for the tag!
    Actually another blogger had put some title like Tags Galore for doing multiple tags in a post. Which had made me think Tagore.

    Gald to make you laugh.

  18. i myself didnt understand what i commented but i know one thing that i hate organic chemistry..! }:-)

  19. hahhaaa .. as usual gud one... creative title ....

  20. Hehe.. Arre yaar, taklif vaklif kuch nahi hai mujhe.. Its just that I miss your witty replies in the comments section.. But no problemo.. Take your own time bro..

  21. Mostly, I'd be responding to this post tomorrow, also!

    But you shouldn't be suprised that I want to thank you for doing this tag, and your reply to phatichar. Both the things showed me somewhat an emotional aspect of you.

    Incidentally, an idea had also been building up in my mind as to why money as an end in itself has assumed so much importance, rather than as a unit for measuring worth of tangible commodities/services. I'm not an economist, but I think that's 'cuz with time, procuring basic necessities of life has become very easy--like, food, water, clothing, even electricity, housing (costly, but still it represents lot of 'real', long-lasting value when bought), etc. And we as humans have started aspiring for 'higher' things in life. These higher things (services/products) are usually those that give us pleasure, and their value (as measured by money/cost) is directly proportional to its rarity/exclusivity and inversely proportional to its abundance.

    Now don't think, I'm simply stating here the demand-supply thing. It is that only, but a very skewed form of demand.

    This skewing of demand is because of extreme unequal distribution of wealth.

    Small pockets of extreme affluence are being created, who easily have enough of basic necessities, so out of peer pressure/clever marketing/desire to appear cool, different or exclusive, they are ready to pay extraordinarily high cost for things of rarity. These things of rarity require rare talents or circumstances, e.g., paintings/fashionable clothes or diamonds. So, that much money (say, 'x') gets earmarked for these services/products. And the amount of services/products of more basic necessities that could've been produced with anticipation of amount x, would not be produced now. So effectively, basic things become costlier, and so people with limited resources are not able to afford them. Their greater production would still not become significantly lucrative, 'cuz though their numbers in the market would remain less, profit per 'piece' would've risen. I hope I'm making some sense at least! :(

    An entirely different way of looking at things is this:

    1. Basic necessities are quite easy to provide to almost everyone....

  22. ...2. There's a lot of automation. Very few people as compared to the total world population are actually required to do some work to fulfill entire world't all the kinds of needs including basic necessities, plus the higher things like entertainment!

    3. Most of the products or services can be replicated. That is the problem! One actor can entertain 1 thousand people as effectively as 1 billion. One software developer can fulfill the needs of 10 clients or 10 thousand (of course with a bit of customization, but even for that maybe the number of developers may have to be simply doubled or tripled, but not thousand fold!). Any product's production can be increased thousand fold by just recruiting a few more employees. So now the problem is of immense disguised unemployment. There are resources in the market--food, electricity, petrol, and even luxuries. Let's for the time being assume that they are available in sufficient quantities. But to 'buy' them, we've to 'give' something in return. What do we give? Money, of course. But that's a very simplistic way of looking at it. Except for money earned as 'premium' (interest, debentures, profit on shares, lottery prizes, etc.) or through crime/extortion/bribe, we earn money in return of providing some sort of service, basically by doing 'work'. So each time we buy something, we are actually giving our 'work'.

    But now we're faces with a unique problem! How do we give work when nobody 'needs' it (owing to automation and replication)? Or maybe the 'amount' of money our work can generate is less than what we need to buy those these things already there in the market, which nobody else too can buy! So gradually, the production of basic necessities decreases even further 'cuz no one is going to 'pay' for them! At this point I've come to the same conclusion as you, viz., 'artificial' value of money proving as a detriment for 'real' production.

    But what I want to add (and might differ from you) is that though this problem can be solved by an attitudinal shift (barter). Exchanging products/services for each other. But here's the problem! The actual number of people required to produce services/products for the entire population of Earth is much less than 6 billion!...

  23. ...Maybe, only half a billion would be gainfully employed! This problem has arisen because we could not manage to deacelerate the growth of our population at the same rate at which the 'need' for workforce decreased. So possibly, 5.5 billion people are 'surplus' as far as their requirement in the workforce is concerned! This sounds very inhuman, and maybe, you might try to look at these things from the same perspective as my post--'futuristic', but I'm not offering any solutions here!


    'Cuz, I can't visualize the owner of an 'automated' bakery telling his neighbor--"Take this loaf of bread, though I understand you've nothing to give me in return, 'cuz you don't have money 'cuz you don't work 'cuz you're not required to work 'cuz this loaf of bread was produced automatically!" Though, that actually is the only solution, now till a point comes that population would reduce sufficiently so that every single person would be required to work to their best capacity to keep the world 'running'. This individual altruism will actually have to be effected by government measures, and if governments are slow, then people who are not able 'hook' themselves to some corner of the job-market will start perishing. This has unfortunately already started happening. Think of it, in India, the sector with biggest problem of disguised unemployment is agriculture, and that's why farmer suicides are happening. :(

    All the countries' job markets are only partially open to outsiders. So, their economies are semi-closed. For instance, even if a country B can afford to buy bread from A, and A can produce it in sufficient quantities so as to export it to B, B would still prefer to produce its own bread. Simply because it can produce it! It's automated, and doing it at their own place would keep the transportation charges, etc. low, and would also allow them to keep profits within their territory. Thus, B's economy becomes somewhat closed. Now with this fact in mind, just see that countries with less population density are much more prosperous, simply because their workforce is exactly equal to their population! There's no/little disguised unemployment. Examples include European countries like, Austria, Switzerland, etc. On the other hand, countries with high rates of disguised unemployment are doing badly--India!

    I've rambled a lot, and would certainly be looking forward to your views on this.


  24. 1. :D @ symbolic topi of maine Pyaar kiya.

    I share your feeling with regard to friendship, love etc. and allowing them to grow spontaneously (organically), but I also realized, all these relations (at least for me) come with varying degrees of expectation of exclusivity, as in, if I find one of my friends' giving some other friend greater importance than me, I'd feel insecure. Of course, my overall response would very much depend on who that other person is and what's my opinion of him/her. But yes, I see all relations as a continuum rather than as quantum entities. I hope I'm making sense. For instance, something my friend does that I'm approving of, does not mean my friendship would end, but maybe, that friend would become less important for me. And of course, ending a friendship would be the most extreme case of 'less importance'. :)

    And for a change even without your prompting, I did not 'logically dissect' at all 'organically'. As you could I simply took it to mean 'spontaneously'.

    2. LOL @ your response to 'how do you see yourself 10 years from now'!

    3. @ Shakespeare is not juliet: Nice idea, but is not a blog still somewhat indicative of a person's core values/aspirations. For instance, I'm fascinated by you only because of your blog. You might feel, I would find you boring in real life, but I know I won't! :) Oh, maybe except if you actively try to make me dislike you by not doing things that you say on your blog you do at your office!

    Oh yes, but I understand, even you might need to be politically correct sometimes! :P

  25. One thing I've not been able to understand (probabaly because I differ from you) is do you really think there are no subconscious expectations in any relationships? Think of someone you get attracted to, say because of your sense of humor. You attach certain value to him. On one occasion, you help him making some compromise/sacrifice. Obviously, such an occurrence in your opinion would've brought you closer to him. But when you're in a problem and 'he' is in a position to help you, but chooses not to, because of some other entirely avoidable distractions, would you not be less inclined to help that person on subsequent occasions? Isn't this also a form of expectation of reciprocation? Would you not start valuing him less, though the original basis (that is, sense of humor would be as it was)?

    I think you'd meant something similar by your 'application of butter to bread analogy', but then in your latter responses there was seemingly a contradiction.


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