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Humans are funny

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Hey people!
Thanks for missing me!
I am not back.
Because I was never gone ;)

You can be sure that all this while my Stupid mind has been full of usual things not worth blogging about, but about which I blog anyways. So lack of 'inspirations' was not the cause of the gap.

More about the cause of absence later. I am sure I can discuss on and on about it even though there may be no actual cause of absence.

Meanwhile here's a 'latest' one to keep you going:

"Humans are funny.
When things are under pressure, things experience compression.
But when Humans are under pressure, they experience tension!
Isn't tension the ooposite of compression :P?"
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  1. hahahah good to see u after long long time

  2. aha! the little ranting reptilian creature survives!! :D

    glad to have you back (no wait, you were never gone!)...

    ...well, when you gotta GO, you gotta GO!


  3. nice one !!

    good to have a new post from you!

  4. nice post ...
    i just read ur comment on my blog ..
    had stopped bloggin for 3 mths...
    btw,do i know you or do u know me?

    P.S-nice 2 kow dat somebody appreciates mental art(dats what i call pj's..)

  5. dude! wilkomen baack.


    btw...u did win a book in my Guess post. mail me ur add so i can send u the book: humanuniverse@gmail.com

  6. do reptiles also have smelly armpits?

  7. @Abhinav

    I was never gone. So I can't be back!

    (Does that mean I am hinting that I am not yet back ;) ?)

    @Fond of Paradox
    See reply to comment 1


    They don't know....Who is he.....!
    And you say you are 'seeing' me again? After a long time? ;)

    Lagta hai IIT mein Fragging wala games bahut khelta hai bachcha.
    Hum bhi kalej mein khelte thae kabhi-Unreal Tournament!

    Tum hi ho samajhdar bachcha! I was never gone ! :)

  8. @HP

    Nice to have a new comment from you too!
    I mean it! :)

    Now I know you and you know me. Is that good enough? 'Art'iculate on O thou wonderful artist!

  9. @Ghosty

    Stupidosaur is an endangered species. The problem has been magnified by the the fact that no mate had been found even after V-day is gone. So it risks being extinct. We cant let poachers know the address of its sanctuary. Stupidosaurs are indiscriminately hunted for their scale (not the one which are on their skin, but for the scale of insanity of their torturous PJs). So the confidential information can only be given on a secure medium.

    In short, what's you email id? ;)

    Yes. Out of hibernation and into cybernation !

    Of course we do. Our armpits become smelly every time we strangulate the smelly necks of delusional medicos with them ;)

  10. lol! sorry...i thought you would have known by now :D


    its so obvious :P

    welcome back again bro!


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