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"I shall delay making new year resolutions this year!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Today, on this glorious pre-morning of the 18th of February 2009, let me go ahead and tell you why I did not make any new year resolutions this year.

Yes. I am talking about New Year Resolutions. Yes. That was almost two months ago.

Hey don't look at me! I already told you I did NOT make any resolutions. Not even about not procastrinating! So don't give me that look now!

Hmm so back to the story.....
I decided to make new year resolutions.
I made a list of resolutions to make.
But making a list does not make resolutions.
You have to take solemn oath about each resolution.
So I started reading the first aloud....

"I shall be a positive person.....!"

But then I got confused. Is this a good resolution?
In school I learnt that opposites attract. In college I learnt a different version of opposites attract, but never mind that.
So yeah I learnt in school that opposites attract.
So if I be positive, I'll attract everything negative.
But I actually want to be surrounded by positivity.
So I should rather resolve to be a negative person.

So I got confused.
Positive? Negative?
Negative or Positive?
Negative? Or Positive?
She loves me? She loves me not?
(Hey where did that come from? I told ya this was about school-time opposites attract, not college time :P. Oh yeah! Curses to the day before yesterday of the day before yesterday! Now lets get back to the original confusion from the detour confusion)

Ahem Topic Change Mat Kar!
To be positive or not to be, thats the question.
I got so confused about which way my first resolution should go, that I never reached the second resolution.

Its Feb already. Lets hope I clear this thing before December. So that I can make resolutions next year ;)
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  1. I think I am a negative! Just like electron! Negative, yet so important!

    why not stay neutral instead!

  2. They say about positivity that it attracts all the good in life.

    So opposites attract might be a theory only when it comes to raging hormones and desperate hearts?

    I shall repel all men! Apparently that doesn't work. They do get repelled :P

    Bleh! It ain't blady universal!

  3. hey! did you not read the school books properly??
    the book said [read??]:

    Opposites attract*

    (* Conditions apply)

    and i figured out that they mostly apply in these introspective, philosophical matters.

  4. lol! sorry...i thought you would have known by now :D


    its so obvious :P

    welcome back again bro!

  5. hehe..positive or negative...be ur own self, other push and pulls tend to make u +ve or -ve from ur orignial counter set for u ...;)


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