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The worse the best the better!

Monday, April 27, 2009
Is this post something like "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"?

Did I accidentally miss the commas between between "the worse", "the best" and "the better"?

Is the "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" a sentence?

Is "The worse the best the better!" a sentence?
Yes it is.

Still not making sense? It will, with a bit reference to context...

I was half-interestedly watching the opening of KKR batting in IPL yesterday night while aving dinner in the office canteen. I call it 'yesterday night' for the simple reason that its past midnght now :P

They were showing the statistics of the opening pair: McCullum and Gayle. I am a person who does not follow anything very keenly, especially things which everybody follows keenly. So I don't really know what big stars these two blokes are. I was just judging them based on the numbers I saw then.

McCullum IPL statisctics:
Best: Something above 150
Total: Something around 250
Average: Around 30
(Please note: All quantities are in 'run' units*
250/30= around 8
These 100 were made in the 7 innings other than the 'highest score' 'fluke' innings.
So basically his IPL average was around 100/7, ie. 10-15 runs :P according to me!

Gayle on other hand had a similar 30ish average. But his 'best' score was not very hight flying one like McCullum. Which meant that his average was actually what it appeared to be, unlike McCullum's which was quite a bloated one! This made me think Gayle will probably make more runs than McCullum in the match.

Thats when the profound sentence came in my head: With other factors remaining the same...
"The worse the best the better (it is)!"

Anyways, I think I wrote better IPL posts last year around this time. Example:

If you want more, just click on the label Cricket, which is same as clicking on this:
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1 comment :

  1. Ha ha. I guess it is a sentence after all. These kind of creative things do come to mind when there's nothing else to do (strictly speaking through experience) :-)

    Thank you for stopping by and reading a post. I've replied to your comment - hopefully, it'll clarify some things.