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Expert Analysis : What it took to win IPL Season 2 (2009)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Our Expert has scrutinised very rigorously what really made the winning team of IPL Season 2 win IPL Season 2

The conclusion, as is in case of many perplexing posers, is very simple :

If your team name has the word Chargers, you definitely win IPL Season 2!

To silence all his critics, the Expert has One Big Undeniable Fact on his side:
Deccan Chargers have the word Chargers in their team name AND They won IPL Season 2. Period! Try arguing to that, Ha!

In view of this Simply Startling and Startlingly Simple Conclusion, what should the ultimate losers Kolkata Knight Riders, who burned just like their helmet below, have done to give a tough final match to Deccan Chargers in IPL season 2 (and maybe even won it!)?

Its (again) very simple! They should have stopped bothering about the irrelevant details, such as their coach, their batting, their bowling, their fielding, their final eleven, their team spirit, their skin colour ratio, about the Fake IPL Player, and about their 'Right-hand' 'Man'! Instead, they should have just worked on their team name and..

...made it Nokia Chargers!

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  1. hahaha!
    nokia chargers.. kya bakwaas hai!
    seriously you should apply for writing "bakwaas band kar" show on 9XM!

  2. Hey did you know, many times, when I see a new episode of Bakwas Bandh Kar, I am actually able to guess the punchline halfway through! Really :)

  3. hahahahaah! very very very well put.

    So next year, we should have 8 chargers And a new winning theory!

  4. hahahahaha ~!

    woord ver: 'tenest' -- and i thought numbers didn't have superlative degrees.

  5. Where is your house? need to send some gundas to your place ...

    fun apart it was riot... the post was a zipper..

  6. :|
    =)) rofl =))
    am showing this to my mom now :D
    ur horribly funny :D
    when is ur b'day? i want to know ur sun sign :D :P

  7. ha ha ha!! this is hilarious!!

  8. @puresunshine

    Nope. Experts remain Experts for only one reason:
    They are slippery as an Expert eel.
    You can never catch them and hold them responsible. Never prove'em wrong.

    If you notice, in the entire post it was emphasised that this was the secret of winning IPL Season 2 only ;)

    So are so right! Did you know that they also do not have Harvard degrees! Really!

    Damn! You only said that in fun? I thought you were so serious!. For a moment I was so overjoyed that you were gifting me a new gang! My last gang died recently. I sent them around the world on various missions, but the pigs decided to gather for a party in Mexico and died. Damn Swine Flu!

    Damn again! Even my jokes are such that girls like to take home to mom! Seems all my jokes will get married before me :P

    BTW why do you need my Sun Sign if its my joke you are gonna show to mom! The joke was born yesterday. So I guess its birthday was 25th May :P

    And if you really want to know my sun-sign, dig through the archives. I have a birthday-post somewhere in there , which I even posted on my birthday!
    (Haha! Cheap trick to increase my blog hits ;) )

    But you cant cheat! If you search for 'birthday' or anything like it, the posts that turn up will be totall misleading! My true birthday post hinted everything cryptically, without the actual word 'Birthday'! Of course things became clear in the comments. So although blog search at top of the blog will not work, google search will, if you know how!

    So, are you game?

    (Hehe earlier I had pissed of a Gujju blogger girl named Kanan saying similar (and true) thing when asked about birthday. Now I am pissing off a non Gujju from Gujjuland!)

    P.S. : Please don't sue me after 2 years ;)

    Yeah! Maybe then they might have give sone electrifying performances ;)

  9. Bakwas Bandh Kar is far law grade stupidity as compared to my favorite blog! This was a typical stupidosaur post... (dnt start something on typical! :( )
    P.S.: Do not tell Mads ur bdate!

  10. You really need to start writing some hindi films or serials.

    Or at least go to some of the comedy shows.

    Loved the post.

  11. no tareef...
    shah rukh khan ki team... *sniff*


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