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The Problem With This World Is...

Friday, May 22, 2009
The Problem With This World Is...
...That Only The Wise Seek Wisdom.
-Thus Said The Stupidosaur
(No, that last line isn't part of the problem ;) )
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Anonymous said...

Huh! No wonder I seek wisdom!

Missed the previous posts... Sorry for the delay... Wasn't around for quiet sometime...

deluded said...

the dumb seek..........sex?

HP said...

i like !!
if this is wisdom, i;m seeking it ! :D

Abhishek Behera said...


Nachi said...

the problem with the world is that evolution knocked out the dinosaurs, but missed out on the Stupidosaur!

...what happened to the last person who took your advice, eh mate?? i say, the last line is the root cause of all the problems if not the problem itself.


Stupidosaur said...


Err...There are absolutely no obligations on anybody's part to visit anybody's blog.

And I really wasn't waiting raptly for you. Never noticed the delay.
I forgive you - for nothing!

Yes the dumb seek sex, and so do the others.
The problems in this world exist only because the world exists in the first place and the world exists in the first place only because everybody seeks sex ;)

BTW Einstein too was a very coulorful person in the department ;)
But then his teachers did consider him dumb, didn' they! :P

But is it? Read Wise Words post, two posts up ;)

@SimCard and ChiNaMan
Err did you get the post?
The problem isn't that the wise seek wisdom.
The problem is that ONLY the wise seek wisdom.

Basically, those who don't have wisdom are the one in greatest need of it. But they aren't even wise enough to seek it! Its a never beginning viscious circle.

Only those who have reasonable amounnts of it already go and seek it :P

Paradox Philic said...

I so agree!!

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