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Working hard on the blog

Friday, May 29, 2009
So will be hardly blogging.

No, I am not sick of blogging. You would have realised that if you have carefully read this post I wrote yesterday/night, or atleast if you have carelessly read its comments.

The actual story:
Statcounter tells me that some newcomers to this blog have been busy past week clicking all labels on the right panel.

But the thing is, for almost whole of 2008 (or for whatever half of it I was actually blogging), I hardly put labels on my post. The most interesting ones probably went without a label.

So I am going to go back and label each and every post!

Also, there are likely to be a lot of unanswered comments in the old posts, inspite of the blurb you see at the top of the right hand panel. Reasons:
1) I am lazy
2) I am busy (Ha!)
3) I have never set up an email notification for comments. So if someone comments on an old post here , its usually raat gayi, baat gayi.

Of course, after this excercise, I just might set up the email notification.
Or maybe I will take up such excercise periodically in future. So you can still comment on old posts ;)

Basically, I am going to answer all comments on all posts till date!

Another thing is, you hardly see any awards strewn about on this blog. Not because they never offered, but because I never bothered :P. Reasons:
1) Ditto reason 1) of No Comments
2) Ditto reason 2) of No Comments
3) I care not about them awards (Which further has lots of reasons. But if I mention all those here, what will I write a book about! ;) Kidding)

But then, I have decided to change this policy, at least for now, till the time I again change this policy. Reasons:
1) Some stray human gene in the reptile sometimes nags and induces vague impressions of thoughts like Maybe Not Collecting Awards Kinda Hurts Those Who Give Them
2) I sometimes go about mocking and mucking in comment sections of others in posts where they go Yazoooppah! Igotenawad! Just in case these guys trace back to this blog from their posts, they should not form the misunderstanding that its a case of Grapes Are Sour.

So, as I go through past comments, I am going to collect all awards you people have offered me earlier, by following through on the award notification comments.

Mads, I will collect the new award from you when I am done with the above.

So all those folks who receive feeds on every sneeze of mine on this blog, your inboxes (or whatever it is) are in for a nasty week ahead !

Yeah! Call me Stupid! :P ;)
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  1. so there is gonna be a lot of change here.. can see from the sudden increase in posts in your page.. a change is necessary

  2. my god.

    I think he wrote a serious post here.

  3. @ deluded: ROFL ! ;) i think he did. hahahaha.

  4. hmm..lot of hardwork you gotta do buddy!!
    by the way...why the sudden seriousness???


  5. hehe @ deluded =))
    and thank God u mentioned that u'll take my awards
    i was just cursing myself for giving u the awards and torturing myself, by finding and hyperlink maarofying u :D

    Thank God for saving your life \:D/
    p.-s why this sudden love and affection towards your fellow bloggers huh? :-?

  6. @Chriz
    Err? Lot of change? Lot of posts? Not really!

    If you remember (that is if you noticed back then), when I started blogging in May 2008, me posting anywhere between 20 to 40 posts a month was a norm, right till the end of the year! Then things were in low gear in the new year for various reasons.

    Now its just back to normal.

    There aren't any drastic changes on my blog. Just some little changes here and there, every now an then, as takes the him of my royal laziness!

    Nothing serious in the post! Just an informational post. And since I have not followed up on it yet, as of now its a misinformational post ;)

    (See reply above)

    Why are you slapping His forehed?
    Anyways be careful about the third eye if He is a particular Hindu one ;)

    Seriously! I was not serious. I am serious!

    Happy now? Good! :)

  7. @Mads
    Thanks for so much trouble!

    And umm what love and affection?
    I am a reptile duh! We just understand instinctive bonds!

    Like James Bond. He's supposed to have keen instincts to save his ass from badasses and in turn kick their ass!


    Sure! Why not! I have never been against it!


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