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Friday, May 15, 2009
Today I am going to reveal a few little known things about myself:

1) I am very good a forecasting future trends and fads.
2) I always try to look exactly like the most famous celebrity.
3) So I knew Zoozoos will become the most popular celebrities and hence I was working really hard since last two years to look exactly like them - untoned floppy limbs, a big ballooning tummy, and a stupid round face!

The first two points are big fat lies.
So is the third point true or a big 'fat' lie?

Anyways, as has been the recent trend, whenever I label a post as 'Nothing really related to post title', I also make it a point to make that label inapplicable. So this is how the title is actually related to the post:

In some cultures, they pronounce 'J' and 'Y' sound/write 'Y' sound as 'J' (whichever way you want to look at it :P)
eg. Benjamin pronounced as Benyamin, Hallelujah pronounced as Halleluyah!

So I have taken the linguistic liberty and formulated new rules:
'Z' sound can be written as 'H' or 'Y'.
'H' and 'Y' letters are to be pronounced as 'Z' sound.

Besides, looking like a celebrity is a matter of rejoicing, aint it ! So ..

Bye. I need to go soosoooo!
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  1. Actually the 3rd point is neither a big nor a fat lie... It is a small-thin legged-paunchy lie...

    The O&M guys said that they only had women & infrequently children, as their main cast so as to keep the hands & legs thin of the Yooyoo oops zoozoo characters...

    Besides, looking like a celebrity is a matter of rejoicing, aint it! it sure is... Congratulations...

  2. I go woohoo about zoozoo ads...the are lovely :-)

  3. soosoo laagi!!!

    :D...jaa bhag...

    you are a crack pot, Stupid! you know that, don't ya? i know, cause it takes one to know one...

  4. big fat liar !

    oh wow! the word verification is 'evill' ;)

  5. Zoozood aren't extinsct!

    WV: daulat

  6. zoozoos, fucking things, i hate them, they are ugly and hideous and god knows how people find them cute.

    bloody hell.


  7. @Kido
    Hmm so Zoozoo are all mostly femme FataLies eh ;)?

    Most of them seem pretty gender neutral to me .

    Yeah I am practicing to act and look just like them. So that lovely girls find me lovely ;)

    Yeah buddy I know. You are a dodo and I a reptile. Both extinct. Cant say birds of a feather, but a part of same evolutionary chain definitely ;)

    even if the word verification is evil, I am gonna keep it ;)

    Zoozoos don't wear pants ;)

    (Hehe no PoDa to you. I was just trying to shorten your long name. Just a joke ;))

    Yeah Zoozood never existed.
    Only Zoozoos do.
    So you are right.
    Zoozood aren't extinsct!
    Zoozood aren't asdfgh!
    Zoozood aren't {insert any meaningless word here}!
    Because basically, Zoozood aren't! :P

    The correct state of my being is existinct, not extinsct :P



    //zoozoos, fucking things...
    Sorry buddy I ain't seen an adult zoozoo clip yet :P

  8. OMG!! I was gonna make a zoozoo poo poo post today

    Good I didn't, you stealing scumbag liar who got ahead of me. :P

  9. I was going to write a looong comment on how funny and awesome you are.


    now I gotta soosoo ;)

  10. nice blog!! :) i lubb zoozoos :) they are soooo adorable !!!!

  11. very curious to know that culture...

    Is that same one where people used to pronounce "Chopra" as "Kopara"... :)

  12. :X
    galti hum insaano se hi hoti hai... u shud understand this fact!


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