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The Loop-hole is in the Key-hole

Thursday, July 2, 2009
The Key to Happiness was found!
But the damn thing just didn't fit any lock.
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  1. If a certain key was made, there must be a lock that matches it?


  2. So break the lock :-w
    Or play lock and key game :-s

  3. Eff the key and the lock!
    Happiness likes being locked at times!
    Then sing- > Kahan gayi saali khushi?
    Prolly eloped with the saala :|..so quit finding keys and locks.
    Omfg. I love your blog at times. As non sensical as I am :|

  4. send me the keys.. I will create a separate lock for it!!

    P.C.: is there a need to write your name after these quotes? of course these are yours!

  5. aaah! guess the key's favorite fairy tale..

    cinderella of course :D wish the key finds the the little glass lock! Amen!

  6. alohamora !

    anyway .. thats the problem with life. And the answer usually isn't 42 either!

    and whether you care or not, here's the most awesome word veri: luckingr - can you make any sense out of this ?

  7. Enjoy with the key. Remain high that you hv the key to happiness.

    Or just break the lock. You will not need the key either. And send that key to Abhinav. lol

  8. I agree with Mads... Just break the lock!!! :D

    Nice on, b/w...

    Have a great weekend :)

  9. The Key to Happiness was found!
    But the damn thing just didn't fit any lock.

    So actually there is no happiness.. :)

  10. chaabi nu maar goli!! bahut dino se lukka-chhupi khel raha hai kya Stupid??

    taale ko chodh latakta hua. step out and take a look around. "Happiness ahoy!!"



  11. I am reminded of a story my husband was telling me yesterday...There seems to be some serial called "Lost Room"...there's a magical key..you open a door with it and you're taken to the place you want to go. Nice na?

  12. Murphy's law eh?

    Break the lock. Hopefully that's the right lock!!

  13. when you find the key, just press it.. i think that'w what we all do on keyboard

    why did you search a hole to put it in?


  14. its not about finding the key... its about fitting the right key into the right lock to make it open.

    and why aren't you visiting me?? huh?

  15. someone told me it fitted in a flying rhomboid's butt.

  16. @Keshi
    Yeah. But since it doesn't seem to be on terrestrial surface, it probably went down with the Titanic or up with Columbia.

    Wait. That means there is no lock on happiness on Earth

    Happy Ho!

    //Or play lock and key game

    Yeah that sounds like a good way to be happy ;)

    Oh yeah. Even my blog loves you at times. Only, sometimes it wonders what makes a 14-15 yr old li'l girl very melodramatic and swearish!

    Carrom ramwanu, juice piwanu, majjani life! Otherwise how will the lives of boric acid manufacturers and fruit growers and vendors be majjani!

    Thats a stupid solution man!
    If there is a lock on happiness, and I cant find it, making another one for using with the key doesn't unlock the happiness!

    And in fact its a dangerous one too. Cos it gives you the power to lock someone's happiness with the new one. Could even be your own!

    //P.C.: is there a need to write your name after these quotes? of course these are yours!

    Abbey maarney dey na thoda style!Yeh apun ka fatela style hai!
    (Just like using P.C. instead of P.S. is your fatela style! What does it mean?)

  17. @puresunshine

    Oh, its a glass lock? Why didn't you tell me ealier? I tried all the metal ones!

    Anyways, that means the only trick is, to find what has locked the happiness. There is no need for key. As soon as you find the lock, you can break it and let out the happiness!

    abhinav, are you listening? its a glass one.


    The answer isn't 42. Its 32.
    When you are happy, there are good endorphins released in your body. And you feel like smiling. It has been scientifically proven that its a two way process and the reverse is also true. When you smile (even without true reason), the same good endorphins start getting produced.

    So basically, batteesee dikhane se happiness create hoti hai!

    Yeah, I have the key and it has left me high. High and dry that is, to be complete and correct :P ;)

    @Vimal & MK2 (No relateion to MJ)
    How can I break the lock? Its the thing that I cant find. Sab museebat ki jad!

    @Dish Antenna
    Nope! Thats not the case. Happiness is right in front of me. Its this huge golden white green red and blue bundle right in front of me! Its bigger than Santa Clause's goody bag. In fact its even bigger than Santa Clause's tummy. Wait, I am still trying to judge its size...is it..is it as big as the new Airbus 380? Heck thats not even comparable. Its this gigantic thing in front of me, whose ends I cant even see! Its across my entire field of vision.

    But there are chains running all over it. Its because its so huge, that I cant find where is the lock on these chains.

    The day I trace the lock, I'm gonna find HUGE happiness ;)

  18. @Nachi,

    Abbey chabi ko goli mar ke kya karoon? Todna to tala hai! But (s/t)aala mil hi nahin raha!

    Lukka chhuppi bhi nahin khel raha hoon main. And even if I am found, I am nobody's key to happiness. So its not very earthshaking if I don't show up for few days!

    And just in case its earhshaking, the shaking might just help drop the lock from somwhere its currently lodged hidden away ;)

    By the way , "Happiness Ahoy!"?
    No wonder I am feeling Happinessea sick! I am a land lubber,
    except for the two times when I went Andaman&Nicobar and Lakshadweep ;)

    Oh wait, what happened to happiness after if went to sea? Did it go aboard the Titanic and then down the deep blue like I was saying to Keshi? Or was it on some pirate ship and burried on a treasure island?

    @Ann Dee
    May sound nice, but also seems to be nasty:


    Anyways nasty is also nice as long as it is in TV and we are outide ;)

    err if I have key, and there is the lock, why break it? Would I not just use the key?

    Oh wait, maybe you are right. Key is right and lock is right, but its just got rusty eh? Just berak it then! To break it, I'll have to

    Just beat it!
    Just beat it!

  19. @Chriz

    Single key passwords are not allowed for happiness. So we fall back on older methods :P.

    errm..I didn't know my visiting was key to your happiness.

    I am a lazy unsocial bum who doesn't visit blogs often. So I don't even raise false hopes by 'following' any blogs.

    In fact, you yourself said that that I leave behind weird comments whose meaning you figure out for next 6 months,after which I come along to explain them!

    So I was absolutely unaware when and if I built up other kinds of expectations!

    If you are referring to last multiple visits in a span of few days some 10 days ago, rest assured that I didn't even visit my own blog much since then!

    Don't worry, I may drop by soon... or maybe 6 months later ;)

    @Abhinav again

    wait is over. sort of. hopefully.

    right, left or centre?

  20. erm... I thought the 'key' was some kind of metaphor erm... like sin-ek-dick-key, you know that 'part for a whole; whole for a part'?

    But then, one shouldn't try to find a look just because they find a key. Some doors don't even have locks, and we never pay attention to them. :)


  21. This is a very good quote!

  22. arey aaj kal woh chotey amir khan sahab gana gaa rahe na : "LOCK IS THE KEY! AJMALEY!" :)

  23. hehe.

    m following this one.
    good work
    keep blogging


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