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Rakhi Celebrations!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Rakhi got tied by 'engagement knot'* to Elesh Parujanwala. But not by his soon to be married sister.

I have not watched this show. I don't have TV.

But I am surprised that the show ended without Mika being given a wild card entry as a candidate.TRPs would have reached a number humans haven't named yet! How could Rakhi miss on such a gimmick :P.

On the sides, this TV swayamwar contest isn't new idea. MTV had such a show. The bride-to-be was some Asian celebriity with chinky eyes (that is to clarify- not Indian Asian). And the added TRP factor? The celebrity lady was a bi. So both guys and girls were competing for her! I don't remember the bride-to-be's name.

But the show wasn't on Indian MTV. A coincidence is that I saw a few episodes when I was in Canada for 3 months. The same country where Rakhi and her 'fiance' are 'suppposed' to be going to attend marriage of her 'would-be-sister-in-law' .

The quotes indicate this: :P

You can find a related/unrelated post of mine here **

* They don't teach this knot in military or paramilitary training.
** Since you are going to that post from this one, the end may not be as much fun. Or it may be.

P.S: Stay tuned for: Rakhi ka breakup. (Not on this blog. On TV :P)
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♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...


but i think shes going to get married only after season 2 of her swayamwar which is going to be after manmohan tiwari breaks up with anjali and comes back to her... then she would have 4 dulhe to choose from and then she can choose eelesh and say " maine isse chuna hai kyunki isne kabhi bhi mera dil nahi toda"


divsi said...

rakhi ka break up is inevitable...i m waitin for it..there she ll go clamouring bout elesh varry varry soon;p lol

Only Vimal said...

Season 2 to 10 are yet to come. The sources say that Mika will be selected in season 5.

In season 8, Mika is going to perform in Sangeet too.

And this Eilesh is going to be the host of season 2. He would be giving tips to the candidates on how to stay away from heart breaks through Rakhi...


There is no end to it.

How can people waste time in such a pathetic way, on such a ugly looking girl. HUH...

And evem me... How pathetic of me... wasting time on her next few seasons of Swayamwar....

Mads said...

hehehe actually she missed out on that gimmick :P :))

over to the related/unrelated post...

The Misdirected Arrow said...

O jejus! What u says! Rakhi ne to apne ex bf abhishek ko bhi nahi bulaya... Yahan tak ki apni familyss ko bhi nahi bulaya... Aisee sati, bhartiya abla naari pe keechad mat uchaalo

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha :)


Anonymous said...

Really, Rakhi missed Mika... hahahaha!
Saw her engagement pics.. I would have seriously dumped that whoever guy and would have run away with ALL that gold!!

dishantparikh said...

a just one girl is getting married ..i don't know why so much noise...?

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

This is what Rakhi is made....

This village girl is definitely making her mark everywhere..
She is on this blog too...

Insignia said...

The show is "Shot at Love" with Tila Tequila. She was a bisexual and 16(8 straight men and 8 lesbians) competed for her.
I was in USA while the Season 1 was on and I was sort of hooked to it :-D
By the way, the show had its Season 2 too.

Check this out -


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