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Wednesday, October 7, 2009
I dont owe anything to the world.
And 'owing something to my own self' sounds like an absurd creditor-debtor equation anyways.

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Ketan said...


This is the first time you realized this, or first time you posted? If it's the former, congratulations! If it's the latter, thanks!

But then your creditor-debtor thing may not hold true entirely, especially if 'my own self' is another way of saying 'me'. You've five personalities, remember? :P And me is just one of them.

I was tempted to go back to your forum only to impress you with my memory by enlisting all the five personalities, but then realized, you'd anyway come to know! :P

But not sure, if will find the list on that post! :(

Or wait, let me try to recall:

1. Stupidosaur
2. 'Me'
3. The boy you'd sent on film-audition
4. The fan
5. Which one am I missing? Please tell me.

On a serious note, I think, part of the reason you could state all this so easily was that you'd recently been able to prove yourself to your self. Otherwise it becomes difficult to decide for me, if it's laziness/inertia/distractions/lack of interest that's keeping me from giving my best or that it actually doesn't matter. It's only for this self-doubt, otherwise I know the answer.

Or was I pursuing an entirely different tangent? I truly am curious of your answers at least in this case.


PS: So, is it time to say umm... "Enjoy!" or is it exactly the opposite 'cuz you don't yourself enjoyment, too?

Ketan said...

*'cuz you don't owe yourself enjoyment, too?

Ketan said...

Or did you say all this in context of your blog?

Oh, no! Please don't! :-SS (that's emoticon for nail biting)!

PS: Sic.

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