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Win Fail

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Slow and steady wins the race.
Rats are not slow. Rats are not steady.
No one wins the rat race.

Slow and steady wins the race.
I am slow. I am steady.
There is no race to win.

Anyways Fail Blog fans will get the twist in the title.
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  1. I'm first, I'm first!

    And you're anything BUT slow.

  2. You are Right but are you the only one Left of this kind?


  3. Hmm...

    I could guess one of the respondents from RSS. The other one I got wrong, even the gender!

  4. kind of ambi view....after reading this i lifted my head to c the same question mark swinging over my head...well m i like u or i always lose the rat race :( ??

  5. umm.. the 2nd part seems cliche. dont u think it is just like that phrase - Nobody is perfect, I am nobody, Therfore..
    Btw, the first one is nice

  6. haha @rat race! Good one there.

    And Im glad that there is no RACE for u to win :) That's the way to live life.


  7. chuhon ke daud mein hissa sirf tu hih le sakta hai!! :D

    ..anyways, how have ya been mate? been a while now then, ain't it!!

    ps: the word verification is 'nessi'...reminds me of footie walla Messi & also of the loch ness walla Nessi. hmm, go figure!

  8. No race for you to win? And you feel sad about that?


  9. @Srishti,
    See how slow I am to reply to comments? ;)

    There are two kinds of people in this world - first kind includes rats and hares, second kind includes Reptile and tortoise.

    Never mind comment fail. This was reply fail ;)


    Never mind. Your basic guess itself is wrong. None of the above two commentors are from RSS, nor from VHP ;)


    Is there a race to win? Temme Temme! Your comment might be the turning point in my life ;)

    Cos as soon as I recognize the race I know I'll win it ;)

    Lets win the reptile race ;)


    I don't see the connection at all. I guess you saw it only because it was 3 : 27 am at that time. Read it again and tell me if you still see it. Could you explain it ti me if you still see it?

    btw here is a post that actually has a connection with what you said:



    I am not running races. I don't bother even about the once called 'living life!'. What is it? Any tips? Any insights?

    So you are back eh? Will visit.


    Abbey choozey! I disqualify! Reptiles are not rats. ;)

    So you are back too eh? Good!
    BTW you forgot Ness Wadia.


    Where in the post did I mention anything like "Ohh! So sad! Poor me!"

    The post was kinda put up with blank emotions.

    BTW does your first question imply you have a race to win? Could you let me in to the secret? It might turn around my life or something! ;)

  10. Stupidosaur,

    Did you take so long to reply only to prove to Srishti you are slow? ;)

    Arrey nowadays you never know who is affiliated to which political party! But nevertheless, my RSS-recognition skill is improving.

    I was actually going to tell Insignia the same thing you did about the lack of sadness of expression! :P But thought, better first check out what she is like (as could be made out from the blog), which is how I landed on her blog, and then I refrained from posting that. Anyway, I was somewhat sure you would point that out, provided you would comment.! ;)

    What about your explanation of your 'how do you do'-post? Which is what I am really curious about. Does my blatant expression of curiosity make it less likely for you to respond there? Just wondering!



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