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Monkey Baat

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Ek baat hai, jo himesha mere dimaag mein aati rehti hai. There is this particular pair that often hashmi thinking. Socha aaj yeh monkey baat bata hi deta hoon. Monkey baat mon mein rehne dena achcha nahin.

Emraan Hashmi and Himesh Reshammiya!

Why do I always feel these two monkeys are closely connected to each other?
1) They both have very similar looking monkey faces with tiny eyes, neanderthal jawline, further accentuated by the unshaven beard.
2) If we ignore the odd Y, which anyways is redundant if we consider Reshammia,, without affecting the pronounciation in any way, then both their names can be spelt by exactly the same letters:
AEHIMNRS (alphabetical order)
And anyways they are both AS MENHIR (Definition of menhir: a single upright rough monolith usually of prehistoric origin, courtesy http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/menhir )
3) Himesh's self-sung rickshaw-ready song seem to suit only Emran. When any other actor is lipsyncing, it looks so very very odd. Perhaps thats why there are so many songs involving the particular duo only.

Hmm one profound puzzle just got solved. The missing 'link' between homo sapiens and their ancestors is right here:


Missing 'link'. Get it?

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Ketan said...

Didn't get this post properly, probably because Reshammiya's name doesn't contain 'N'!

Nidhesh Pandey said...

nice post..n why did Ketan sir didn't get the joke, i guess he is searching for n

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