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The Intailigent Cat

Friday, May 16, 2008
That pathetic joke in the previous post about "Unable to think since unable to scratch my head" brought out a cute memory from down that lane. Even though I still cant scratch head, 'thought' I should blog about it ;-)

I was in perhaps in class 4 or 5. I was visiting my eldest uncle's place, which had originally been my grandpa's house. The have always had a lot of stray cats in the house. In fact just like me, the house was an 'ancestral' home for the cats too! So many kitty generation of the same ancestry have been born, had played around, run away, come back again, had babies, died, and all in all added much liveliness and anecdotes to the story of that house. Whenever we cousins visited the place, the cats were the first choice as well as the final fail-safe backup means of entertainment for all of us.

On this particular summer noon, the cat was lazing around, sprawled on the mat. Its eyes were contently half closed. Its was slowly moving its tail from this side to that. Then again slowly from that side to this. Again now and then a quick brush to the other side. And I need not mention the queenly satisfied purring need I?

Me and my elder cousin (son of an aunt, not the host uncle) were busy orgainising our paper-made Boeings and Airbuses and fighter bombers under the chair 'hangars' nearby. (My elder cousing was was a genius at inventing highly involved and exciting games and plots, with whatever resources you could give him)

All this while another little cousin of mine, around 5-6 years (son of still another aunt, not the host uncle), was closely observing the cat. My eldest uncle (the host) was relaxing on a chair reading a newspaper. After a while, the little one turned to him.
The little one asked, "Kaka, why is the cat moving its tail about?"
My uncle who treated cats like persons, responded in a voice as if telling some profound truth, "Because it is thinking..."
"Uhumm!" said the little one like everything about the world was suddenly crystal clear to him.

And then all of a sudden he vigorously started pulling, bending and shaking the cats tail.

An alarmed voice: "What are you doing?!!"

A matter-of-fact serene voice: "I am making the cat think!"

Thankfully the feline matriarch had over the years become very used to us immature brats. It merely opened its eyes, looked around at the bothersome punk lugging at her tail and went back into her contemplative reverie, thinking
"Aah, kids!"

(Hey wait, if thats true then it means my lil' cousin did indeed succeed in making the cat think!)
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  1. nice.....brought a smile and a few laughs on my face in my otherwise tiring day:)thanks I hate saturdays as in our part of the world they are the first day of the week....neways i read sayeshaz post on thursday and since that day.. i m humming hum hen naye...andaz kyun ho purana... GAWD,,, and when i m not humming it..its playing in my mind.. in a loop....cure plzzzzz

  2. I was sitting on the edge of my chair trying to find out what happened to the wagging tail of cat. LOL!

    Nice write up, I enjoyed reading it. :D

  3. Hello Maryum,

    Stupidosaur welcomes you to his lair.Thats an interesting part of the world you live in. Which part is that???

    And ahh I am a wee bit disappointed in you :P. How could you sing "hum hen naye..."
    My song goes "hum hen hain...".
    I feel hum heN Naye has the two Ns very close together and so is awkward to sing. But then you try the two versions and decide. Fter all who the heck am I to teach you the correct version of an already corrupted song ;-D

    And I even though I hate breaking the news to you, whats to be done needs to be done. Yours is a condition totally new to science. You are one of the first victims. Preliminary research indicates that the condition arises in humans when they come in contact with a newly discovered species of Stupisosaurs.

    But you could try this homemade grandma cure:

    Try singing this song from the movie "pyar mein kabhi kabhi" sung by Shaan:

    Moose Moose Hathi, Whale mammal hain,
    Moose Moose Haathi aur Whale!

  4. Welcome back Kanan.

    Arre itna suspense bhara tha kya?
    I did not itnend it to be. But anyways glad you liked it!

    Ask the edge of your chair to forgive me if it can. It was not not my intention to make it bear the brunt of your entire weight while the remaining parts of the chair had a merry time goofing off, doing nothing!

  5. i live in saudi arabia...and we have weekend on thursday...and beleive me..the place is not interesting at all. and about the trakcer thing.. ask sayesha.. she knows kon, kab ,kaha se is checking her blog.. so she might be able to help you.. and my blog is named pictures cuz i was trying to sell some household items and thanks to the laziness... never got around to change the name... and be glad that i m not blogging.. i tend to talk(type) nonstop once started.. so ..i guess its best for everyone and i m not as good as you or sayesha in writing...
    and about my song cure... i really really like musso musso haasi..so i m not ruining it by ur elephants and moose and ur whales...

  6. Kya maryum

    Who says I write good?
    And more than 'writing good' its the human being that writes it that matters. I am sort of fascinated by Sayesha the person and the life as she lives it, and not so much by any fancy writing skills. (Which of course does not mean to say that she is not a wonderful wonderful writer)

    On the other hand I am just a total buffoon upto some nonsensical tomfoolery on this oh-so-new blog. You cant even remotely compare me to Sayesha!

    I think she knows who visited her and from where because so many people have blogrolled her. So ppl directly reach her from other ppls post and not through the in-between step of her blogger profile. But still I'll ask her someday maybe.

    And oh you from saudi?
    How did you reach there?
    You are from there or just earning your living there?

    And if you tend to talk or type nonstop once started, then you MUSSST blog. For my sake. So that I have someone to hide behind and point fingers at in case ppl accuse me of comitting similar atrocities :)

    Here is another cure . Grandmas are never short of them are they?

    This one is from 'Aksar' sung by Himesh and lip synced by Emran, the duo I was just blogged about. I'm sure it cant by much of a favourite of anyone...

    "Jaley kaddu khila jaa...
    Jaley kaddu khila jaa...
    Ye kabad khaaja khaaja
    khaaja khaaja...."

    (Corrupted songs are all I ever sing in the bathroom. So in case you need more, grandma is just a comment away!)

  7. OH MY GOD!!!!! i m laughing from last 15 minutes on ur jaley kaddu khilaja thing....u have some serious lyric writing talent... himesh will hire u any day..
    and why do u want to hide behind me.. believe me.. u can find so many... woh ek dhoondho hazaaar milenge wala scene hai.. and i m sure now u will say k jab tum ho to dhoondne ki kya zaroorat hai... neways right now i m going sumwhere... but will complete my msg tomorow?
    keep writing...u do write good....

  8. hey its me again...
    guess what!!! i m fasinated by sayeshaz life too... through her blog she somehow makes u a part of her life and we get to see whats happening in her happening life...she is fascinating with a superhero of a husband.. what more can u want from life.. lol...

    and i didnt compare you with sayesha... but that doesnt mean u dont write good... i dont read too many blogs cuz of time limits but i do read the good ones... and among all the good ones.. sayesha is on the top with another blogger brother of mine... and u are somewhere in the end... NOT because u r a bad writer but becuz i just read three blogs:D and besides u started writing 2 days back... and u have to write atleast 100 more AWESOME posts to reach sayesha k aaas paas...which i m sure u will.. (yeh fan bol rahi hai:))
    neways i live in saudi arabia with my parents..and i m pretty sure they came to this rotten place to earn.. i m originally from pakistan but have been living in saudi arabia since the last 22 yrs or so...
    didnt i tell u.. i type/talk nonstop.... but then u asked for it...
    gtg now..
    its really nice talking to u
    keep the blogs coming... i sumhow like ur comments more thn the blog...
    ps. why do i always have to type the verification text.. its annoying..

  9. Nahin nahin Maryum I dont have any 'serious lyrics writing talent'

    First, it is anything but serious.

    Second I dont write lyrics. I lynch lyrics. Bole to total waat lagata hoon unki. Corrupt kar deta hoon.

    Infact I have a corrupted song even on the topic of how to corrupt songs!

    The original is something like
    "Pyaar Deewaana Hota Hai Maastana Hota hai..
    Har khushi se har gham se begaana hota hai.."

    My song goes
    "Parody Gaana Banana Bada Asaan Hota Hai....
    Bas kisi ki sargam ka 'bajana' hota hai!"

    Third I dont write them, just sing them, especially in bathroom. Its only now that they have first taken the form of readable words.

    Yeah but it is some sort of a talent I admit. I dont set out to make these 'song'. Cant do deliberately. Just hear it in my head when listening to some song sometimes.

    Actually I have noticed that when you are a right sorta person, everything works like a charm for you. Used to happen to me too when I was right sorta person. Par ab mera bheja fry ho gaya hai, so serendipity does not work so well for me. Sayesha is the right sort of person with correct perspective on life. May her charmed life continue. Touchwood. Touchplastic (Samay ke saath chalo!)

    Arrey humein bhi to batao aapke brother ka blog. You mean blogger brother like 'blog-bola-brother' ya brother who blogs? And if sayesha is tops with the brother and me somewhere in the end, who are the ones between the brother and THE END? I too would like to read.

    Nahin yaar. I cant reach Sayesha ke aas paas. My life is too boring to give me such things to write about. And my head is too garbled to write such serene posts. So I keep my blogging aspirations simple. Kill time. Kill some boredom. And yeah occasionally have some 'deep discussions about life' with fellow bloggers ;)

    And glad to have fan like you!
    In fact my blog is like A Cessna trainer plane. The pilot me is still learning, doing the rookie sorties. And the plane just cannot take off without its fan can it?

    Arrey Saudi se itney khafa kyun?
    Itna rotten hai kya?
    But (correct me if I am wrong) I think you are perhaps better off there than in your original home country because of all the politcal upheaval going on there, isn't it so?

    And after 22 years, doesn't it feel like home?

    Infact where I work, I had a colleague Reena*.
    (*Names changed to protect identity. Or wait name not changed even after claiming to change it, so as to create even more confusion what the name is or is not. Hmm did I change the name or not?) She is originally from India, but brought up in Dubai (parents went to earn, same story :)). Then worked in India for 2 years, and then left about 6 months ago. She was like Dubai is a wonderful place. Great city. Old friends. Going back to her family. Seemed happy to go.

    And if you are so bugged by the place is it not possible to fly away! What do you do there? Student? Work?

    And you will have to put up with the word verificating so that I dont have to put up with spam comments! And for someone who loves to 'type nonstop' you should't be complaing about having to type some more in that box hain?

    OK now I'll see what I need to type there.
    Its xybqswt.
    Aila sound Arabic!
    You know the meaning?

    OK it failed.
    Here is the new one:
    (sound like your name! Aah the freaky things that happen in my life!)

    (No I did not invent the two verification words)

  10. i like our meaningful deep discussions on life as well;) and i m glad to be providing for fan services... may b if u do become a famous writer one day, u could tell ppl in ur interviews k i was the first fan to chalao the plane.

    and about the brother..hes blog bola bhai.... actually one of my freinds told me about his blog and i started reading it and got so addicted k pichle 2 saal k blogs ek hee raat main read kar liye... and thn being the shy person that i m ,.. i didnt comment for so long and thn finally after ages i emailed him cuz he gave me some much needed laughs at times and i had to thank him for themm and the rest as they(i really dont know who THEY are) say is history..if u get time, read his blog.. shuruh se yah beech se shuruh karna... cuz aajkal he writes bohut he meaningful posts... so start from somewhere in the middle of 2006. his address is mydayzwithmyself.blogspot.com.. i guess u'll like them...infact ur first comment on sayeshaz post reminded me of abhi(blog brother..abhinav)..

    neways from abhi'z blog i reached sayaeshaz and read it for six months before commenting(u know all about silent lurking dont know?) that was a bad phase in my life and she without knowing me, helped me with her posts.. so had to thank her too.. and as i m a shy person.. i emailed her as well.. and again the rest is history.. she is a real gem of a person...and according to her, you have to work hard to be the right sort of person... everyone has problems and its upto to focus more on good things rather thn bad... and she is right....

    neways from sayeshaz post.. i reached to yours and as ur email is not listed, i had to remove my shy mask and send u the comment in the comment box thing with verification thing...and again the history lesson begins...lol

    about living in saudia.....i think home is where ur parents are... i can be happy any place with my family..and as they dont want to leave, i am stuck too...but i guess i m okay here... but the lifestyle is what makes me want to run.. there is no freedom to do anything especially for women..and comparing dubai with saudia is like comparing himesh reshamiyaz singing talent with mohamed rafi's.or ur shairi talents with sayeshaz doha guy.... u get the idea dont you... dubai is full of freedom and saudia is full of freedom fighters... lol...and i m not very fond of pakistani ppl either.. the country is good its the people that are mking it rotten...

    And yes i work,, in a Public Relations company so my living here is bearable. earlier i used to teach but the kids couldnt bear me..pooor them...lol....aaah spam control... i understand...but its still annoying....

  11. Oh Hitler Ki Atma? I know his blog!
    He is one of the bloggers I discovered though Sayesha's.

    So u and me are mirrors in that matter eh? You went Abhinav->Sayesha.
    Me Sayesha->Abhinav!

    I think when Bhai wrote about lot of cross-hopping happening between her and Abhi's blog in one of her comments, the two of us must've been the one of the major contributors to that phenomenon :). Cos I go to http://www.sayesha.blogpot.com, read her new posts if any and then hop off to others, hitler ka adda being the top ones my jump-to list.
    Maybe you did the exact opposite?

    Oh yeah I have read so many of his posts too. I have been reading his blog along with Sayesha's. So I know what 2006 posts you are talking about. Damn funny ones.

    But that was when I was not an active blogger. And now he hardly ever writes any posts, let alone commentable posts! (Of course not commentable does not mean not commendable. It just means I dont have anything to say about it except something lame like "COOL" "Great Post!" "Ha Ha" "Yeah I agree!" or such.
    (This statement should not be interpreted as a ban on such comments on my blog ;)

    History lessons begin? You mean I am helping you like Sayesha or something? Thats the most unbelievable out-of-the-blue thing I heard in my life! For all you know I might be a person shy just like you and going through all sorts of bad phases and reading the Sayeshas and the Abhinavs etc for inspiration!

    But I will have to disagree on one thing. In my opinion more than hard work, a balanced mind and correct perspective is a must first. Then even hard work doesn't seem like hard work. Everything's smooth! I know cos once upon a time, long long back, I was that kind of a person. Fir meri bhi waat lag gayi. So all I have now is hardwork. But without perspective its nothing. And hardwork can only make you 'successful', not a 'successful person'.

    Ahh chuck it! kuchh zyada hi deep hotey jaa raha hai.

    Boy am I glad that I have not made my email id visible! Not only does it perevent unwanted beings from mailing me, it also causes elusive but wanted (oh wrong word. Sarkaar tum pe koi inaam nahin rakhe :)), I mean wantable people to actually surface and comment!

    OK now I got it. The two are poles apart. Dubai the modern cosmopolitan and Saudia with all the freedom fighters. So you have been living 22 years there? Then you must have seen better days, especially for women? When there was more freedom and less fighters?I don't even have the remotest idea what you have to face every day. I dont know what to say! Wish you well.

    Bad Mariam! you have an alter ego? Which the kids could not bear? Cos this kid finds you quite bearable!

    I think if our comment pe comment 'about life' continue like this, then soon we will be letting out to much about ourselves on a public forum. Maybe you can post your email. I note it, delete it and mail you sometimes. If thats fine with you!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. //and abt the history lesson...what i meant was k when i do cum out of my shy shell and email the -->top<-- bloggers.. i somehow become thier friends.. so i think we are going to be good freinds..

    Wow itne jaldi mein TOP BLOGGER bhi declare ho gaya? Itna jaldi expectations high mat karo! Disappoint hona pada toh?

    and whenever you say tc, mujhe Torbo C (programming language ki yaad aa jaati hai). BTW, should I delete your email id comment or you dont mind it being public?

    I have already saved the ids so if you want you can yourself delete it.

    All the email services are blocked where I work. (Strangely blogspot isnt blocked, though some other blog sites are). So might mail on weekends perhaps.

  14. This was a very cute post. And making the cat think-part was funny in its (rather, your) own way.

    I can't believe that's you commenting with such enthusiasm. I wonder what happened in the interim to be seeing the kind of comments I see nowadays. Feel a bit sad that I wasn't on the blogosphere when you started blogging. Otherwise, I too might have got to experience this phase of yours. :(

    But anyway, I don't know if you'll read this comment or not, but I can't state it more point-blank than this that I'm totally fascinated by your blog, and the person you come out to be through it.

    Take care.


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