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Self-Portrait Self-Poem

Saturday, November 15, 2008
Who be the Stupidosaur?
You know not. And that is good.
What be the Stupidosaur?
I know not. I one day would.

The Stupidosaur, his essence,
his living fossils I seek.
As I dig bone by bone,
I may give you too a peek.

Do not seek the Stupidosaur.
You cant. Fat chance!
But if you persist and succeed,
you creep, go dance!
Today I was cleaning up my old rented house stuff, which I will need to move to a new house soon. ( To move closer to the new job.)

I just came across this Stupid 'poem' I had written long long ago in a book, with the intention of blogging (long before I actually started blogging).

Its quite a Stupid poem. Every second line ends rhyming duh!
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Kanan said...

Reminds me of poetry Bill Watterson would write for Calvin. Good attempt, keep writing.

Pri said...

this poem had me grinning...and any poem who can get ppl smiling is soo NOT a stupid poem :D

keep rhyming!

Stupidosaur said...


Strange. You are the second person who compared some poem of mine to Calvin and Bill Waterson; Which is quite a high number considering that I've hardly written maybe ten 'poems' till date.

Stupidosaur said...


I thought Stupid things do just that. make ppl smile :).

Ketan said...

So you had aspirations to tease your readers even before starting this blog?

And since when have you had fascination for this name 'Stupidosaur'? I think you must actually quite relate to it! :)

@ other micro-ironies in the poem, a non-sadistic mischievous smile! :)

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