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Cricket: Why and what I think of Chetan Bhagat...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So again (as usual) I was watching the IPL in the office cafeteria .

Today's teams: Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab.

There I was, nicely devouring the food and the sights and sounds.

Suddenly I was interrupted by a thought (an irritating thought actually!): Chetan Bhagat!

Guess why?

At that point in the match, KXIP were playing at the run-rate of 5.71. Thats why!


Five Point Seven One.

Five Point Sevm One.

Five Point Some One.

Chetan Bhagat.


Thats why I thought about him.

Here is what I think about him:

I read only1 book of his: Five Point Someone.

Its a bland blearrrrghhish book.

Nothing ever happens.

No drama, no suspense, no romance, no spook, no great philosophy, no beautiful wordplay.


He sells because thats the kind of book MAJORITY are hardly CAPABLE of reading I guess :P.

If I read a book or watch a for free and still I claim not to like it, it probably means it was genuinely bad.

I read this one for free. My roomie had bought it.

I guess it didn't stand a miniscule chance to get liked by me because it was nowhere in the league of other books I was reading in those same 15-20 days:

Shantaram (roommate's)

Shalimar the clown (roommate's)

Black Friday - true story of Bombay bomb blasts (roommate's)

Some Stephen King book (purchased from waste paper mart)


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Vinisha said...

*Points a powerful finger @ The S-Saurus* --- YOU SAID IT!!

I read Five Point Someone and One Night @ a Call Centre. Why? Because I bought both at the same time. I read both because I couldn't understand where the heck was the big deal about this author. I have read bad authors who wrote better than him.

Now I dont buy two books by the same author ever. Thankfully, I had a good book at hand after the mindf*** this guy did. Ayn Rand - Fountainhead.


BSNL exile?

HP said...

the only people who like his books are those who never read books.

whats with all the absenteism ??

Anonymous said...

five point someone was atleast better than one night @ call center and three mistakes of my life. not very engaging. i slep two time when i read it.

Only Vimal said...

I like the way you criticised Bhagat.

BTW.. I sign on blogger with my msn id. But my regular email id is drhemani@hotmail.com

And yes, Am cousin elder bro of chinmai. :)

Anonymous said...

I read 1 nite@call centre...i dint find anything special in it in the sense that it had no atmosphere which attracts me, a typical vulgar scent, if that'd be it.

Abhinav said...

Strange. there are infinite numbers and figures in a cricket match.. if I start thinking like you, what will happen! :-ss

I have read all Chetan Bhagat's novels! I found them reasonably gud and pretty readable! And I read other's are well! :)

10 days? ohh!

WV: unguntes

BeyondHorizon said...

Oh my God! I couldn't agree moreeeee.... in fact when I used to blog on rediff I had posted a whole article on his second book...which was really really poorly written.... happy to see so many people agreeing!

Shrutilaya said...

I don't like his books either.

Pri said...

and to think that i found only 'five point someone' worth reading aqmongst his entire 3 book history :-/
so u can imagine...i think u'd hang yourself if u got about reading the other two :p

Priyanka said...

Aha! Finally someone who doesn't like Chetan Bhagat's and his insipid books! The hype that surrounds him make me curiously reach for his books and having found nothing in any of them that wants me to even finish them, let alone re-reading them, I think its safe for me to say that I will not be touching his next offering, however hyped. You said it dude, bland!!

Anonymous said...

Anti-Bhagat... That's new...

B/w don't bother touching the other two. If you didn't like this one, rather hated it, then the other two will prove to be torturous...
You've been warned!!! :D

Nachi said...

hey Stupid!!!! :DI'm back!

perturbed perceiver said...


Five Point Seven One.

Five Point Sevm One.

Five Point Some One.

Chetan Bhagat.
--quite a distant transition!!would have never guessed!!hehe..
btw if you found five-point someone this bad,the other two books of his will make you go into depression!
(first time visitor,nice blog!)

Mads said...

i like chetan bhagat :|
although his 3rd book wasnt good...
and i read other books too :-w
vivid reader che
why is ur user name like that, btw? :-s
cool cool cool post, loved the way u connected cricket and chetan bhagat....
blogrolling u.... :D

Christopher Poshin David said...


Ilove his books and I do read alot.....

Ann Dee said...

I guess it is the hype that has made it a best-seller. And that's where his IIT training came in --- in creating hype. But those are just guesses, I have no clue what exactly made it a best seller.

And you read Shalimar...is it? That's what I'm looking at buying next. But did you say you were reading all those books at the same time?

Zeba Talkhani said...

ha. i dont like chetan bhagat as well n keep wondering wht the whole fuss is about. reading this makes me feel good!!

All Talk and No Action said...

hello :)

Ya, Chetan hardly qualifies as a good writer. But afa Five Point Someone is concerned - I would give him full marks for the humour.

Other two books of his are rubbish no doubt. But I feel he deserves credit where it is due.

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