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Yawn and Cricket

Friday, May 16, 2008
So finally after lazing around in some warm sunlight of other bloggers, the Stupidosaur stirs.
After the freezing previous night, its blood temperature has now risen to a moderately sufficient level to allow some miniscule movement of its talons over the keyboard ( yeah laugh at me you warm blooded mammals, laugh)

Now that I have excused my laziness by cleverly blaming my cold blood reptilian biology, I will proceed to write some actual substance in my first blog.

Even though I have already decided what I am going to blog about, and have already written the title of the blog, let me still go ahead and still do some nautanki and khaav some bhaav.....

Hmm what shall I blog about? Sheesh I cant even scratch my head in order to be thinking. The talons are too sharp. And all this time, your evolved primate evolutionists were wondering and proposing theories about why reptiles could not evolve mammal-like intelligence over so many years of existence on this planet. Baah! Just buy me a nailcutter and I'll resolve all the contradictions of relativity and quantum theory in a moment!

OK since you are not going to buy me a nail cutter, I'll continue to ponder over the lesser problems of what to blog about. And since I already know what I am going to blog about, I know I will find the answer to that challenging problem inspite of my limited reptilian cranial capacity.

Aha the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp, for the environMentally uninitiated) is in action now! Now there is light! I'll blog about IPL!

Is it just me or have some of you humans also noticed it?
T20 Cricket - Its a peculiar name.
Here's why...
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
F 6
G 7
H 8
I 9
J 10
K 11
L 12
M 13
N 14
O 15
P 16
Q 17
R 18
S 19
T 20
U 21
V 22
W 23
X 24
Y 25
Z 26

Yeah I know all of you know the English Alphabet , and that there are 26 characters in it. I also know that most of you know how to count till 26. But that was not the point. If you missed it, go back and read it again.

For the benefit of bird-brains who still did not get it , even though birds are more evolved than reptiles, let me explain it.
T is the 20th character of the alphabet.
T20. Funny eh?

(I don't know you tell me. You see reptiles have not developed the cerebral humour circuits yet)

**The above blog was a crash course in 'How to write an entire blog when you just have one 'silly point' to talk about**
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  1. Aha! welcome to the world of blogging! Your name makes me go *chuckle*. :D

  2. Thanks Kanan :D!
    Hope mera kaam bhi mere naam ki tarah kabhi kabhi aapko *chuckle*

    By the way....
    *Disclaimer: Deep deep analysis follows. Proceed at your own discretion*

    If someone "sends you A", does that mean
    1) You go A OR 2) You recieve A?

    If someone sends you home, it results in you going home
    If someone sends you gift or letter, you get the thing sent.

    So jab mera kaam "apko *chuckle* bhijwayega" (literal translation of "sending you *chuckle*"),

    will you GO *chuckle* (Like in the above comment?)
    will you GET a *chuckle* out of it?

  3. hey...
    reached your blog from sayeshaz...as u are the latest comment superstar there and i thought k agar comment itna acha hia .. to blog kitna acha ho ga.. u shud get those ip tracker thing..and u will see that many ppl came to ur blog from sayeshaz.. but as U very well know that people like to silently lurk and not comment,,,
    neways just wanted to tell you that u have got a new fan,, ur blog was really nice.. now i m going to read the second one:D

  4. //Hope mera kaam bhi mere naam ki tarah kabhi kabhi aapko *chuckle* bhijwayega.

    *adjusts the glasses on nose rim*
    woh to abhi dekhna hai... ;)

    //will you GO *chuckle* (Like in the above comment?)
    will you GET a *chuckle* out of it?

    I think both. No? See once you send it, I get the *chuckle* and then since I got it I have to exhibit it so I go *chuckle* too!

  5. #Maryum,

    Yeah I got the tracker thing. Statcounter.

    But right now it just shows that you and kanan came from "http://www.blogger.com/profile/14440677810342540223", which is my blogger profile!

    How would I know from where people reached my profile in the first place?

    Anyways why dont you to start writing posts to your blog too?
    I am sure it will make a pretty 'Picture' on the blog scene!

    And fans are always welcome here! Its summer time in India!


    Oh wow how cool can you get!!!
    You can adjust glasses on your nose rim?
    How many at a time? 5,10,20..100?
    And are they filled or empty? lemonade or water?
    Even if it is just one glass, thats a cool stunt I say. Will you send me a picture of it?

    *Arggh if I continue irritating this girl in this manner, I am sure one day, instead of chuckling at this blog, she will decide upon chucking this blog. Meri jam ke pitayi karegi. Then there will be a sequel to the movie 'Conan the destroyer'. It will be called 'Kanan the destroyer'*

    **stupidosaur runs off to Arnie seeking protection**

  6. @shwetank

    welcome to cave non dweller!

  7. :D @ nail cutter.

    T=20 was clever.

    :) @ bird brain.

    Wow, Stupidosaur! Even your first post was brilliant!

  8. I thought the date of your first blog post could be the coincidence. But it turns out the mark was missed only by 10 days! :(

    Looks like, will actually have to keep on clicking all the links! :(

  9. You know I made a mistake! Make it just two days! 18th May instead of 16th! :,(


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