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Thoughts About Blog About Thoughts

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Those who have life, blog about life.
I blog about thoughts.
Because of similar reason.

The lives blogged about are not all interesting.
Neither do the thoughts have to be.

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  1. wah wah kya baat boli hai...
    btw(by the way:)) yesterday i went to a guy's blog from sayeshaz or may b abhhi's comment place and he had written abt mosquitos and hit and toothbrush and it was funny and then when i read the comment section.. guess who i found there...you...
    acha when i was reading the comment i didnt see ur name.. and after reading it i thought this is what the stupid guy would say and wow.. the stupid guy did say it....the blog guy replied u really well on that one

    ab yeh mat samajhna k i m stalking u or anything... just happened to be there where u were.


  2. 'Stalking' me?
    Abbey aise danger danger words use karke bachchey ko dara rahi hai kya?

    Anyways stalk karna hi hai toh stalk somebody better.

    By the way I have no idea about mosquitos /hit/toothbrush/what you are talking about.

    Aur mein aajkal mein blogsphere mein idhar udhar apnaa kachra failata rehta hoon. I don't remember all the places. Kahan tha woh sab? Kiska rply padhoon jaakey?

  3. THE POST:
    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    I unlocked the door of my house and was taken aback by the number of mosquitoes swarming inside. And by 'number', I dont mean a few here n there which would prompt a girl to say 'Ouch, kitne machhar kaat rahe hai' and the boyfriend to reply 'thats coz u r so sweet jaan'. They were in a 'number' enough to freak out even Andrew Symonds. (Thats the first name that came to my mind.) So, scared as hell, I took off and rushed to the nearest shop.

    Me : Boss, mosquitoes ke liye sab se effective kya hai?
    Shopkeeper : Sir, Hit.
    Me: : Ok, give me one Hit then.

    *I take out my wallet to give the money.*

    Shopkeeper : Brush chaiye?
    Me : ?? Kya
    Shopkeeper : Brush
    Me : Kaisa brush!!?
    Shopkeeper : Toothbrush
    Me : !!! :( :(

    Good to see total strangers so worried about my teeth condition. Good to see that there is still some goodness left in the world. Par sambhal ke uncle, zyaada bola to battissi tod dunga :D

    Stupidosaur said...
    He was asking about brush because he thought you would need it if you fell asleep keeping your mouth open. After all the mosquitos would need to go somewhere to escape the Hit, isn't it?

    My friends have told me that me sleeping is one scary sight. So can be pretty sure the mosquis won't dare to come anywhere near me :D



    neways..kis kis k blog per jaate rehte ho.. i found a nice blogger yesterday... ouchmytoe.com
    he writes nicely... i read just a few posts... time ki kammi thi bohut.. had too much work to do...neways explain your yesterday wala msg.. the one in which u wrote what happened to the FORUM?
    so hows everything?how was the weekend?

  4. I replied to urv now.

    I also found an entertaining blog.
    Either he is trying to copy the exact style of abhi, or abhi copied his style, or both just happen to be so same same.
    Some common traits apart from blogging style:
    1) Thier articles appeared in JAM magazine.
    2) This fellow is also trying to get into IIMs

    I meant 'The Maryum and Stupidosaur Forum'.
    What happened to the half century partnership aim? Drinks break chalu hai kya?

  5. Nahin. Mood nahin hai.
    Padhte waqt agar kucch comment karney ka urge hua to hi kartey hain hum.

  6. wah wah .,, kya attitude hia.. and abhi to aap famous bhi nahi hain... famous hone k baad to u wont even remember k koi maryum and stupidosaur forum bhi tha ya nahi....sahi hai bhai... sahi hai...

  7. No on the contrary, it shows that I am not looking for fame. Nahin to har kisi blog pe comment nahin karta kya?

    And I dare not forget Maryum. Nahin to pata nahin kahan kahan se aakar stalk karegi ;)!

    "I know what you blogged last summer"

  8. O and i forgot to give the link of that entertaining blog

    By the way, when I just opened it to verify the link, I found another common aspect among the two.
    3) Their names begin with Abhi..

    Talk of freaky coincidences.

  9. Commenting on the post about the thought of blogging about thoughts. :)

    Note: I have not read the previous comments :)

  10. wohoooo!!the public has started reading the forum:D mere kehne ki der thi..lol

    and URV why didnt u read the previous comments.. ALL of them were almost about you..

    i had a feeling that u were going to come here...bloggers havve a thing abt googling them.. and i was sure u would find urself being discussed here...:p

    ab next is sayesha..lets see when she reaches here...

    and i liked ur mosquito most urv:)and through ur most i reached the outmytoe guy. thanks for that too...

  11. ~maryum
    most welcome for ouchmytoe :)

    and for the record, I did not land here through Google (not denying the fact that I Google myself :p). I reached stupidosaur's forest thru his comment on my post.. :D

  12. @maryum

    //wohoooo!!the public has started reading the forum:D mere kehne ki der thi..lol

    tumhe kya laga, mere blog mein hariyali sirf tum hi se hai?

    Aur bhi kai readers hai mere.
    Only, evolution has not granted them the ability to comment yet.

    In fact, to my utter and pleasantly surprising disbelief, a few have already blogrolled me! :)

    And Sayesha has visited my blog. Twice only. (Thanks Statcounter, what would I do without you!)Anyways bakwaas sa to blog hai mera. Pata nahin, tumhe kya khasiyat nazar aa gayi, ki hamesha is ped ke neeche baith jaatey ho refresh honae ko.

    Haan yeh sach hai, ki mere blog (or should I say jungle? a la Urv's comment) mein hariyali bahut se logon se hai, lekin ismein ful to tumnhi se khilte hain ;-) )


    A question :

    Which cricketer quotes his owm name to claim
    "Hum hum hain, baaki sab paani kum hain!"

    Your 'About me' section

    V.R.V Singh!

  13. ~stupidosaur
    Don't u worry.. The commenting species will evolve one day.. and u will get a comment like 'i have been a silent reader of ur blog for quite some time now' types.. The fruits of patience will be obtained in your very own forest/jungle :)

    I too use Statcounter.. pretty useful na..

    And regarding the cricketer, just a few days back, my friend mentioned the same reference to VRV :) not the quote though.. nice one :D

  14. @ stupid(never thought a day will come when i will have to use !@# things )
    //lekin ismein ful to tumnhi se khilte hain ;-) )
    why do i have a feeling k u wanted to write fool and thn changed at the last moment to ful..i like this place... its not crowded thats why may b ...
    ppl have blogrolled you...wow... thats great.. who are these people??? and why they didnt comment if they loooved ur writing so much ...and ur blog is nice not baqwas but everyone is entitled to their opinion...chalo gtg
    ps: loved ur vrv thing...

  15. @ urv
    i read my previous msg to u and instead of post i wrote most..
    //and i liked ur mosquito most urv:)and through ur most i reached the outmytoe guy

    and ek baar nahi do baar .. ouchmytoe bhi galat tha.. but thn if u read my previous msges u wud know.i m typos ki queen

  16. ~maryum
    Oh I thought it was intentional. I asssumed u were relating mosquito n most.. :) and got even more convinced after u used it the second time.. he he..

  17. O Maryum, that was such a mosquito, I mean Most Cute-O mistake :)

  18. // //lekin ismein ful to tumnhi se khilte hain ;-) )
    why do i have a feeling k u wanted to write fool

    Wot Maryum, you mean to say I am a fool? Akhir tumhare aane se to mein hi khil jata hoon naa!

  19. @stupid
    Wot stupid,u meant to say you are a flower? as mere aane se tum he to khil jaate hain.
    without going into the details of the matter i will take it as a compliment and say thank u ...

  20. @Stupid
    //O Maryum, that was such a mosquito, I mean Most Cute-O mistake :)
    that was such a cute thing to say..and i never found reptiles cute.. or may b this is the zombie talking...

  21. @ urv
    when i reread it u found it very tongue twisting...mosquito most mosquito most outmytoe.... and then i thought may b it became too much finget twisting..isliye wrote most...and i thought k u will think k to honor ur mosquitos i m writinng most... isiliye clear kiya,..dont be convinced by things that i write... cuz of typos kya se kya ban jata hai ...

  22. Maryum!

    //that was such a cute thing to say..and i never found reptiles cute.. or may b this is the zombie talking...

    Yech! You like zombies?

  23. trust you to twist my words and somehow make them even more funny...

    but wait... u are a flower too,,,mere aane se tum khil jaate ho:D
    and yeah i like flowers.. LOVE them actually...

    so that was the flower talking...

    waiting for this msg to be twisted now

  24. You got it all wrong lady.
    Please note: Tumharey aane se yeh fool khil jaata hai.
    *turns accent on*
    Mayn khabhi khali bhi nain tha, toh flower toh khaise ho saktey hai?
    Khali toh WWF mein hai, main nahin.
    *turns accent off*

    So for future reference, till now only these many splits in my personality are official:


    The weight of each personality in me is proportional to the number of characters in its spelling

  25. :P:P:P
    literally laughing... sath wali ne bhi poocha hai k whats so funny:D
    thanks for the laughs

  26. You found that so funny?
    I find that funny :)

  27. Very well said in the post!

    :D @ the Sonia-G accent!

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