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Dogs hate Palash

Saturday, June 7, 2008
All the dogs of my street collectively hate Euphoria in general and Palash Sen in particular.
Because many people took the lyrics "Doom Pichak Doom" literally.
Pichak pichak kar kai kutton ki toh doom bhi seedhi ho gayi hai!
*I hear a distant shriek of a dog*

@ manekas gandhis:

This is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to any person (except Euphoria people) or dog living or dead is purely coincidental.
I thought 'seedhi kuttey ki dum' would have been enough of a pointer to deduce that.
Unless of course the dog got rabid.
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  1. i did a punjabi translation for that song once whn i was more youn thn i already m:)
    it was hilarious:D:D:D

  2. Hey bhagwaan!

    You have been tagged...check warm fuzzies out.

  3. Methinks even reptiles have dum and that too thicker than dogs, which when flattened may cause more pain.
    Sorry for being a sadist.
    *evil grin*

  4. @urv
    When they sing "Who let the dogs out!" and shout "WHO WHO.."

    I hear it like
    "Who let these dogs shout? WHO WHO WHO"

    Of course that does not mean I dont like the song. In fact I join the pack!

    which song? Doom Pichuk Doom, ya Who let the dogs out?
    Yahan sab woh hilarious lyrics jaanna chahte hain. batao naa.

    Aur aap sirf previleged log ko hi Jaani Dushman ka review mail karte ho kya?

    Hey Solitaire!
    As you already know *horrors of horrors*, the tag has been completed.

    //Hey bhagwaan!

    You have been tagged...check warm fuzzies out.

    Hope I did the correct thing taking the tag. For a moment I got confused bhagwaan ko tag kiya ya mujhe.


    Kya yaar. Both reptiles and dus have dum. Next big game show is going to be "Reptile ka dum! Stupido ka dum!"

    Everybody is going to asked, "Stupidosaur ka dum kutton sey kitna percent thicker hota hai?"

    Every time someone comes close to the presently correct answer, change the dog breed in question and say "Ghalat Jawab!"
    (Yeah we are sadist too you know ;)

    Plus, if you did not know, we stupidosaurs do not have proper nerve connection to our tails, read my post


    so not much risk of pain.

  5. who let the dogs out ka punjabi traslation kiya tha.. and to fully enjoy it u have to know punjabi... aati hai kya? and u want jani dushman ka preview????!!!????
    i thought to send it to you too when i sent it to sayesha.. but then maine socha k u busy studying for "that" test and i didnt want to take the blame for "the" failure agian.. isliye nahi bheja...ab bhej rahi hoon..
    u want it here ya mail per?

  6. ~stupidosaur
    //Of course that does not mean I dont like the song. In fact I join the pack!

    Its one of my favorite dance numbers. Others include Kaala kauva and Chandu ke chacha. Coz these are songs where everyone dances/behaves wierd n crazy. And so I am not the odd one out as I am during the more sane songs. :D

    kripya punjabi translation sher kare :)

  7. @maryum
    Thanku :)

    Hope you havn't forgotten the Tail-Thumpa-Thumpa dance I taught you bachpan mein.

    Whnever any song other than those 3 play, do the Tail-Thumpa-Thumpa jig. You just can't go wrong. You will not be considered insane, Infact people will sigh and wish that they too had a tail.

    Oh wait, kahin tuney doberman fashion toh nahin apnaya na?

  8. LOL@ reply to shwetank

    Ultra-LOL @ tail-thumpa-thumpa


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