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TagDi Batein

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
*yawn yawn* **
So I have been tagged.
This is my first tag.
As of now it is my sole tag.
But actually it is my sol tag.

Assuming you are a lazy bum who is not going to follow the link in the above sentence and hence will not come to know about the rules from there, let me repeat the rules here and increase the redundant data on the servers of blogspot:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Nearest book?
Let me check...Any books on my cubicle desk? None. At least none that is macroscopic enough to be visible. Unless we consider a blue plastic file with bundles of printed slide shows and small documents as a 'book' .(I was reading this 'book' from yesterday noon to today noon in order to give a test this afternoon.) Even if you pass that 'thing' as a 'book', we still have a problem. Each individual slideshow/document in it has less than 123 pages, or is unnumbered. And I am definitely NOT going to start marking the page numbers in this whole bundle with a pencil in order to find page number 123 just to do this tag.

So what do I do now? Ransack other peoples desks to find a 'nearest book'?
Nah one tag is not worth that much effort and risk is it?
What to do, what to do, what to do......

Oh yeah! its 21st century. Think hi-tech! e-book! I have a couple of them on my machine.
But then they are all in the same folder. Which one can be considered the 'nearest book'?
I guess I will follow this rule to open the 'nearest' book.
Keep the mouse on the icon of the folder.
Double click (Folder Opens)
Do not move the mouse and double click the icon it is on.
This is what opened:

Here is the page 123:

I think I will just dump the first few paragraphs of page 123 here. That because with so many direct speech quotes used in one sentence, and with each quote itself consisting of so many sentences, I am really confused about how to isolate 'one sentence'. So I dont know when does the fifth sentence begin, and where do the next three sentences end. For example, in the first para below, do we have 3 or 4 sentences or just one sentence with so many direct speech quotes? Any feedback comments from grammar scholars are welcome.
Here are a few paragraphs from beginning of page 123. Take your pick of what you consider sentences 5,6,7 & 8.
"Galaxy!" Mallow exploded angrily at the anticlimax, "What the blue blazes did you do when you went to school? What do you mean anyway by a fool question like that?"
The elder man frowned, "If you'll explain–"
There was a long pause, then, "I'll explain." Mallow's eyebrows lowered, and he spoke slowly."When the Galactic Empire began to die at the edges, and when the ends of the Galaxy reverted to barbarism and dropped away, Hari Seldon and his band of psychologists planted a colony, the Foundation, out here in the middle of the mess, so that we could incubate art, science, and technology, and form the nucleus of the Second Empire."
"Oh, yes, yes–"
"I'm not finished," said the trader, coldly. "The future course of the Foundation was plotted
according to the science of psychohistory, then highly developed, and conditions arranged so
as to bring about a series of crises that will force us most rapidly along the route to future
Empire. Each crisis, each Seldon crisis, marks an epoch in our history. We're approaching one
now – our third."
Twer shrugged. "I suppose this was mentioned in school, but I've been out of school a long
time – longer than you."
"I suppose so. Forget it. What matters is that I'm being sent out into the middle of the
development of this crisis. There's no telling what I'll have when I come back, and there is a
council election every year."
Yess! I have successfully bored and irritated the reader with such a long pointless ranting post derived out of such a nice n tiny tag.
That's what is the essence of my life these days.
Bugging People.
Debugging Programs.
**The yawning is purely due to lack of oxygen in the close circulation AC office. And because I hardly slept 5 hours the last time I slept before waking up this morning***. What did you think?

***I had to use such a complex and specific phrase because I couldnt use the phrase 'last night' instead****

****That is because I went to sleep at 4:15 am and woke up at 9:10 am*****

*****That is because I had a test~~ this afternoon.

~~I flunked the test for the second time~~~
About the test:
All chaps of a particular department of the company have to give this test :-(
If they don't pass, no raise :-(
Of course if they pass, it does not guarantee raise :-(
Its a necessary but not sufficient condition for raise :-(
You get three attempts at the test :-)
Glass Half Empty:
The first time I got 62/90 questions right. Needed 70% i.e. 63/90 questions to pass! I flunked!
The second time around...guess what? 62/90 once again! missed by one mark once more. Yay me! I flunked!
Third time...hope I get lucky like the saying goes.
Glass Half Full:
No one has cleared this particular test, ever since they started conducting the tests in beginning of April.
Which means all scored less than 63.
Which means I have the highest score 62!
Hail to thee O me the flunked topper of the company! :-)

Plus I've still got onnnnne lasssst channnnce!
I tag:
Sayesha - Who will probably write four lines from the double edition of the weekend paper, which will definitely have more than 123 pages.
Urv- My long lost velociraptor brother
Shwetank the poet - If writing such utter crap as this tag on his literary and poetic blog is at all tolreable.
Kanan - who can balance glasses on her nose :)
Chinmai - beware of her, IT company network administrators ;)
Anoop - Pok!
Maryum - You can start your blog with this tag :)
Hey wow I think that probably covers all bloggers I know. Included 7 instead of 5 just for safety margin, in case some people turn lazy. We shall definitely not tolerate the globalblogmatrix remaining clutter free, shall we?
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  1. I am amazed, speechless, awed, horrified, bored, frustrated, angry, irritated, amused, tickled, tired.......

    All this after reading this post.

    Go figure!

  2. Hum trick-all gyani hain bachcha.
    Hum jaante thae yahi hoga :)

  3. nice...really enjoyed it...
    if one of your first five tagged ppl do turn lazy..lemme know.. thn i will try to come out of my laziness and consider myself tagged:)

  4. //1. Pick up the nearest book.
    2. Open to page 123.
    3. Find the fifth sentence.
    4. Post the next three sentences.
    5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

    Hainnn?? Yeh tag hai??? Kis kism ka tag hai yeh bhaiya? Copy-paste 3 sentences from nearest book? Sheesh! Tujhe toh joote padenge hi, apun ko bhi nahin bakhshenge mere bar ke bewde! :P
    *thwack to you*
    *thwack thwack thwack to the person who tagged you*
    ps: Gotta say you still made your post entertaining, I don't think I can... but I'll try if inspiration strikes me. :D

  5. //Urv- My long lost velociraptor brother

    Bhaiya maine ande ke bandhan ko nibhaya :)

    The tag has been accepted

  6. What a lazy way out copy pasting three sentences like that. :P

    Here's mine. I really hope you can read my post as I typed it with a pair of glasses on my nose.

  7. @ Sayesha,

    Go hit the person who tagged me.

    I did not start the fire. It was always burning..


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