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Retake Roshan! Cut! Cut!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Since there is so much talk* going on about the Indian Greek God Hritik in comment section a few posts ago, I couldn't help but sprout some nonsense 'jokes' about him in my head. Title of this post is 'supposed' to be one.

Here are other two:

Q1: Suppose after a few years or decades Sussane and Hritik drift apart. (Just suppose man! Its purely hypothetical). Sussane totally fails to understand Hritik any more. Then on what grounds will she file for divorce? (answer below)

Q2: Okay forget divorce. Shubh-shubh bolte hain. Suppose owing to their undying love, they have one more kid (they already have 2 I think). Then what would you call Hritik, or the couple? (answer below)

A1 : He's Greek to me!
A2 : Hat-trick Roshan!
*Thats a typical stupidasaur exaggeration. There was only one literal mention of the word Hritik in it. But yeah the spirit of the idea of Hritik was generally floating around in the air.
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  1. :) i like hritik...and ur achi wali dost liked the post as well:D

  2. kal ek din main 6 visits nahi aarahe the...aaj 324 hain..wah wah.. kaha se log ikathe kar k laye ho?

  3. I am not able to get the first joke :(

  4. No big deal of a 'joke'.
    ->Hritik Roshan<-...->Retake Roshan<- get it?

  5. @maryum

    //kaha se log ikathe kar k laye ho?

    Pata nahin yaar kahan se bhoole bhatke log aa jaate hain galati se.
    Koi blogger profile se aata hai (kahin koi comment padh li hogi),
    koi google search se aata hai.
    Koi aise log hain jinhe mein naanta hoon, par jab yahan aate hain tab pehchaanta nahin. Aise log direct mera url type karke aa jaate hain. Shayad thode din ke liye orkut profile pe blod address daala tha, woh koi idhar udhar ke doston ne padh liya hoga. Par saale comment hi nahin karte, ki pata to chale definitely kaun hai woh.

    Plus...ta...da.....4 ppl have blogrolled me :) (in chronological order):

    and I am getting major 'new' traffic from bhai's tag link! (I think 30 totally new readers already. But fortunately for them, they left after reading only my tag post, on which they landed. Sayesha's link does not take to the main page of my blog.

    some people who came by other sources now come by google reader, iq and such bookmarking and 'update feed' applications.

  6. urv tu ruk.

    (no I am not going to draw a newspaper here. maryum does not read 'papers'. Cyber age girl hai. e newspapers hi padhti hai. Woh to seedha tere sar pe CPU hi maaregi)

    thodey dinon mein blogroll update karne hi waala hoon.

  7. main uvr ko kyun maarungi!!!
    u got tagged again na...to increase more "traffic"....tag sayesha...what is blogrlling exactly...it sounds dirty;-)

  8. ~stupidosaur
    Arre I got that joke. I did not get the Greek one. Does Suzanne not understand Hrithik coz he speaks Greek?

    //urv tu ruk.
    Kyon re? maine kya kiya?

    //main uvr ko kyun maarungi!!!
    Me too asks the same thing.
    And yaar maryum, mere itne chhote se naam mein bhi typo :)

  9. @u-v-r(yeh abhi maine apni taraf se typo na karne ki koshish ki hai..but as u can see....) han to main keh rahi thi urv:) the first joke main stupid means k hrithik is like a greek god...so suzane will say k he is greek to me...as in greek god
    my verification code is aaqwa sounds sso much like aqua

  10. ~maryum
    Sorry but I got that also. What my stupid brain is not able to comprehend is that whats the problem in being like a Greek?

    I know someone else might have dropped dragging the topic but I have this habit of irritating people till I understand :( .. I hope u don't throw water balloons at me (using your aqua verification code :D)

  11. @urv
    Since Sussane can no longer 'understand' Hritik, Hritik is 'Greek to her'.

    'Greek to me' is a very commonly used phrase.

    refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_to_me

  12. @maryum

    //the first joke main stupid means k hrithik is like a greek god...so suzane will say k he is greek to me...

    yahan tak teri understanding ko full marks (34/34) par baaki ke 66 marks next double meaning ko samajhne ke thae. Samjha to 66/66 nahin to 0/66. which means (34+0)/(34+66)=34/100=fail (passing 35%hai)

    tere next statement
    //...as in greek god

    ko padh kar mujhe samajh nahin aaya ki tujhe double meaning samjha ki nahin

    agar tujhe bhi nahin samjha to padh le urv ko di link.

    Aaj mein busy hoon bohot. Bye to both of u!

  13. @stupidosaur...

    Sorry but I have to blogroll you too...and if you do MIND IT RASCALA talk to Rajnikant....

    and is "bhai" eluding to me?

    and to urv and you...

    the way hritik is masking his body with muscals...
    he is turning into a GREEK GOD...so he can be GREEK to her

  14. may be coz their kids may also develop two thumbs,genetic malfunction!!!

  15. ~stupidosaur
    Kya re! tu to high-five angreji use karta hai re.

  16. @urv

    I started out saying ruk urv, I'll blogroll you soon.

    But that ruk.. reminded me of how you got me beaten at bhai's den after saying 'ruk tu ruk'

    so I thought yeh apun ki gully hai, yahan apun ki achchhi wali dost bhi hazir hai, aur mein man hoon, yaani kutta hoon. Apni gully mein kutta bhi sher ban jaata hai. to fir kyun naa maryum ke shubh haathon se teri pitai karwayee jaaye?

    but seems that 'ruk tu ruk' statement was all greek to you :)

    samajh gayee naa?


    no problemo about blogrolling. Jab do badey log baat kar rahe hain toh Rajnikant ko beech mein kyun laata hai?

    //and is "bhai" eluding to me

    why will Bhai 'elude' you? Woh CD-veedy se darte thodi hai?
    Bhai ki ek do saal ki bhateeji hai.
    wok ek toh kya, panch panch CD ko ek saath DVD drive mein daal ke unka kheema bana deti hai

    but in case that was a typo, and what you meant was 'alluding' to you...
    *Stupid looks at Maryum and Urv*

    Sorry Ceedy Buddy, control nahin hua.

    Anyways hum Chaddi-Buddies nahin toh kya hua. Aaj sey tu mera Ceedy Buddy hai.

    thats like two monkeys discussing how they will not mate with a neanderthal because their offsprings might risk developing opposible thumb!

    It could be the next stage in evolution!

    Sab chetan bhagat ke 2nd and 3rd novels nahin padhne ka nateeja hai yaar. Actually he was going to name his latest novel "My Third Mistake", but changed it at the last moment because his agent advised against it.

    What do you think, hritik high-siz angrezi use karta hoga kya?

  17. dimagi loose motion ki koi davayi nahi hai...

    I understand control nahi hua....

  18. Aha! apun woh 'ruk tu ruk' context nahin samjh paaya kyonki tune ekdum se use kiya tha..

    Is 'ruk tu ruk' se mujhe woh song yaad aa gaya: Ruk ruk ruk, arre baba ruk. Kya massst item song hai :D

  19. Your supposition is turning propHrithik, looks like ;)


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