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Stupid managers who deal with things in 'high level' ways

Saturday, September 13, 2008
Managers like to deal with executive summaries and 'high level' information.

I honestly feel that's a very foolish way of working. What the hell has humanity come to?

Here is a symbolic example of how its so so wrong...

Say there is a report that describes what a great player Sachin Tendulkar is.
The executive summary: Sachin is a great player!

So what does the manager do?
He puts in Sachin in a Football field, "Go on sonny boy, I heard you are a great player. Go play!"

Sachin fumbles wondering "What the.....!"
Since he is caught in the situation, he tries getting on with the game.

In the end Sachin gets kicked out cause he couldn't kick.

OK you say. Good for him. Now he can get back to cricket. Right? Wrong!

Now his track record executive summary says,
"Pathetic player. So got kicked out"

So the no manager is interested in him in future, cos they will only look at this new high level summary.

They will show him the door, totally unaware of what they are missing out on and depriving sports world of.

Lets see another analogy.

A manager types person, who doesn't really understand art much might say

Mona Lisa executive summary : Its a portrait of a lady in gown with folded hands and a dumb look on her face.

So another manager types person will think he has found Mona Lisa when he sees this :

The difference lies in the details stupid!

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AB said...

I will become a manager some day!

Stupidosaur said...

Yeah but pay attention to the real happenings, be involved. Don't just look at executive summaries.

Cos as you see Sachin Tendulkar got caned because the duffer who wrote executive summary did not understand anything.

Paradox Philic said...

funny but so true!!

Who isnt a victim of these manager types??

HP said...

it sure does ! nice post!

Stupidosaur said...

@paradox philic

thank you Hydrogen G!

Chriz said...

i get reminded of my manager.. his name was gunjan kumar.. pathetic manager he was

rantravereflect/ jane said...


i think all managers are stupid, n exec summaries are like thongs--> they never COVER what they're meant to cover ;)

JD said...

Sometimes damagers are more appropriate name for manager ..

Keshi said...

Details matter yes! Summaries r for idiots. lol!


Zombie said...

I am sic of the corporate shit myself!

Ketan said...

You drew that on Microsoft Paint? None of the respondents noticed how great it's drawn? :( That 'paint'ing is the most significant thing that struck me as I finished reading the post! It actually looks like mona lisa, even without your labeling it! Too good!

Sachin or no Sachin, I could see a 'fan' in you! :)

That's why the post sound a bit faniliar. :P But that one was too intense as compared to this one.

Nidhesh Pandey said...

good post....
this is d reason some big companies sucks, too much dependency on generalized abstract record.

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