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Guess where I am?

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Pic clicked today at risk of my camera. Also I had no knowledge how the pic is gonna turn up cos I could not see the view the camera was looking at. My hands were outstretched from the boat!
Turned out pretty good eh :)?

Another pic clicked today:
(Funny huh? Coming just in few days of the Duck post ;) )

Pic Clicked Yesterday:

(Lots more pics clicked. May upload later :) )

So where could I be ? Any guesses for each of the pics?
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AB said...

You have moved on hibernation.. winter's coming!

HP said...

whoa!! dude! the 1st pic is awesome !!! super!!!

Maryum said...

i know!!!

Maryum said...

ur blog missed me..i m getting easyy:) vericodes this one is holows..teh previous was sum 4 leter word...
i had to retype teh vericode.. and as its ur blog and as it knows how much u love animals.. the vericode is bacri=)

Kanan said...

Some where near the coast and closer to equator than you usually are.

Sum1 said...


Keshi said...

I hv no idea but Im guessing Kerala, India?


kartoos said...

Looks like kerala and the duck seems to b over the struggling phase:)

Thresia said...

kuttandau? kovalam? somewhere around coastal kerala? anyways those pics are just awesome.

chinmai said...

kerala backwaters.... :) is it

Ketan said...

I'd also think, Kerala!

And I think Maryum complains of the Vericode like every other comment. Seriously, at least just for her... you should start a new parallel blog! :P

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