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The secret of pic 3 in the earlier post

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Damn the connection here is just too slow. 10 min just to upload 1 pic.
Actually I wanted to make this post
"The Journey of a Camera - Part I"
, with a series of pics building up the story.
But never mind.
Maybe some other time.
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Chriz said...

any ways u can still build on

Kanan said...

You were flying?

Pri said...

thats a brilliant idea...u should really try it...
a picture says a thousand words...and it would be fun to read what a series of pics speaks to each mind reading it :)

Think Tank said...

lekin secret kya hai? nd where r u ... oh btw ..yay...since u seem to have forgotten ill celebrate my return myself :P..aur ye word verification hatao

Ekta said...

hey lovely pic....where is this?

ghost particle said...

hey which place is this...man this is so nice...the horizon is beautiful. :)

phatichar said...

you rock man!! what a pic..and what a blog..lol...

Ketan said...

You may do the story now!

And what was the meaning of comment above mine? Not that I expect you to answer, but still! "LOL"? More out of context than your posts, or some of my comments on them! :P

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