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Ohm's law or अहम्'s law?

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Ohm's law is a very basic law of electrical circuits.
Even if you never took up science after high school, you must have heard about it in class 10 science subject.
What ohm's law basically says is
The current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference (i.e. voltage drop or voltage) across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them. (Wikipedia)

I = V/R
I = Usual symbol used for electric current
V= Usial symbol used for voltage drop
R=Usual symbol used for resistance of the conductor
Based on this, we can express resistance as..

R= V/I

And this formula is very deep. It is equally applicable to teams of humans.
We (V) are a team. But everyone has the importance of oneself (I). It is this feeling of I that divides the We (V) to give friction , resistance (R) in the team.

I (me, ego, ahamm) divides the We (V) to give Resistance (R)

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  1. waaahhhhhhhh.. kya deep thought hein.... aapke dimag mein itne analogy aati kahan se hein ..

  2. hahaha

    in jist all ppl named omkar should be resitant to life....

  3. seriously good!

    word verification: assume!! ( me wondering - i thought this engine was supposed to churn out combination of letters without meaning.)

  4. @Nitin

    I guess a Capacitor must be giving me the Capacity/Capacitance ;)

    It keeps me 'charged' ;)

    And as you know, a capacitor does not follow the ohm's law ;)


    Oh great you are back in US it seems!

    And yeah. Maybe thats why Omkara killed so many including his wife ;)

    @Asim (new name for you ? ;) )
    Google God is never wrong. The supposed 'anomaly' is based upon a much deeper understanding. Google God knows that assumptions people make are generally meaningless!

  5. Nice..

    If gravity hadn't been there, you must have been escaped out with these derivations..!

    Gritra :P

  6. 'R' is constant in Ohm's Law...XD...Hmm...but for me it goes the other way you see: Larger the number of people toiling together, lesser is my individual feeling of 'I'...
    Sighs...but in every other way, I am totally for this theory.

    They say "see what a man can do when he doesnt care who is getting the credit"...i say "see whatta man can do if he knows he is the one gonna get da credit"...provides an xtra emotional impetus ;)

    And actually, each man must do his work in a body, I mean, I hate this concept of working on the same thing together x(...but of course, that may have led to extended technical problems...so i think,another man must be employed to make the art part.

    Excellent way to play with words...your posts delight me! :D

  7. @stupidosaur

    yeah am back into my domain....


    your conflict is between the "I" (Ego) and "Me" (humble)

  8. Creative!

    Capacitance was something I could never understand. Not even in 12th. Would read it again, someday. TC.


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