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Pinky and the Brain

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Aviatory is where they keep Aves.
LabRatory is where they keep LabRats.

Save the comments pointing out that I don't know the spelling of L-A-B-O-R-A-T-O-R-Y.
On second thoughts, keep them coming ;)
Adding this to disqualify the label "Nothing really related to post title", which I have still added to this post anyways ;)...

"Why Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow night?"
"The same thing Pinky that we do every night! Take over the world!"

I have not watched Cartoon Network in a long long time. So save your comments saying I did not quote Pinky and the Brain correctly.
On second thoughts, keep them coming ;)
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ghost particle said...

u did quote it correctly, maybe theyre out on dvd or in some torrents...:) some of the best toon ideas from Spielberg n Co. Warner bro's and sister :D

AB said...

I luv cartoon network! :)

Vinisha said...

Hee hee!

I used to love his "Take over the world" In fact, today my Executive Director mentioned a certain someone's talks which were at par with "Take over the world" and I stopped my spoon mid-air and let The Brain poster flash through my head






HP said...

i used to find Brain very creepy .. so didn't watch it much .. but the last line was always superb!
had forgotten about it - but the line is so cool!

hey, reply to my comment on "MY Pulsar and Ferrari".
cya !

Thresia said...

i have missed you. you really are the stupidest liazrd on earth. :D

and i know the spelling of LIZARD


SM said...

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Zombie said...

cartoon movies are the biggest stress relievers..am glad i have a brother who's still hooked on to them.. :)

Urv said...

Tom n Jerry rocks :D

Chriz said...

i exist..been ages.. havent watched tv only.. remember the logo of Cn thoug

Anonymous said...

bwhahah...Ok, I don't know what to comment but sice you say 'keep them coming', so here is my crappy comment :)
You have a very nice blog. Read almost many posts.
On second thoughts, I am blog rolling u :)

chinmai said...

dnt know for some odd reason, every time i open ur blog , i read this last post as pinky and the 'Brian' and not brain ... :)
had to go and check the spelling of brain.. just in case i had goofed wid d word

Homer said...

Wats happenned to the blog.. Hope Comp is nt stolen..
waiting from such a long time to read more of ur twisted thoughts..

HP said...

where are the new posts? keep them coming .... so that we may keep our comments coming.

(errr...is this proper english? :P)

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