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Brace yourselves!

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Brace yourselves! For I may be back!
I have actually taken a new inernet connection!
Connection god is now pleased with me.

Actually I had brought home and was trying to appease Connection almighty since last 3 weeks.
But the diety was displeased, as I was contantly offering the wrong Porssawd, oops I mean Password!

Today I finally marched to the Abode of the Connection Gods to fight like Bollywood actors fight with Gods in temples, using the traumatic jangling noise of the temple bells as their main weapon of psychological violence, to which any even the bravest opponent would surely surrender, rather than suffer the loss of hearing and sanity. I too intended to give the Connection Gods a piece of my mind and take away a little peace of their minds.

But all the bravado fizzled as it turned out that it was I who was trying with the wrong login credentials since past 3 weeks. OK not 3, make it 2 because the first week was wasted trying to get the right drivers for my Vista. The Connection gods offered Drivers Vardaans only for Windows 2000 or XP or something like it in their Magical Disks. So with tail between the legs (as it was my stupidity coming between me and the World (wide web), and not theirs), and glow in my heart (I was finally about to meet the World. Boy Reptile meets World!), I came home. After going through the daily inanities of life, here I am, posting the first ever blog post with the new connection! And its just a glimpse of things to come!

So brace yourselves!
And if you need to straighten out your teeth, brace them too!
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  1. damn! i read the porssawd right and abode as adobe.

    good to see you again!

  2. welcome to the other side! extinction sequence terminated.

  3. finally!! you reptilian fool!! wait, let me tie myself to my chair...

    ...Go! Now!


  4. "In case of emergency, eat the lizard."

    wilkomen back bro.

  5. It feels gud to see you back again!

    Connections God bless!

  6. @Sim
    After you mentioned, even I read it Adobe a couple of times! Subconcious suggestive conditioning at work or what?
    Or maybe its a common thing, just that I never ever read my post after posting, before reading the comment!

    No please, thank you . I am not dieting! Ask any deity you want to ask! They'll confirm!
    Ah never mind. Sim, you and me all seem to be suffering from some sort of minor momentary dyslexia (Hey that even ends with a 'Sia' sound!).

    >>Starting Syupidosaur extinction sequence...
    >>Please wait...

    The question is, what got terminated? Stupidosaur or extinction sequence?

    Wilkoman saves the world!
    The world.doc was peraps a file he was working on. So he ought to save it anyways :P

    Umm so why did you tie yourself to the chair?
    To restrain yourself from pummelling me into a reptillian foolenny pulp for posting horrible stuff? Or because you are such a great fan that you wouldn't have been able to see me go otherwise? Or did I miss some point entirely?

    @Ghost who walks and writes and stuff
    Pah! This lizard eats metaphysical supernatural paranormal particulate matter for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the in-betweens. So whenever this lizard has a meal, emergency siuation arises for the ghost particles. So if they will follow your advice, then the lizard will end up in the digestive cavity of the ghost particles in its own digestive cavity. The space time continuum will close down upon itself and the Universe will cease to exist o Human!


    When did you see me first? How did you see me again?
    Even some females requested to see my pic on email at least! Haven't obliged yet.
    Damn! How did you see me? What do I look like?
    Thank you for the grand welcome!
    May the Connection be with you!

  7. i can picture a bollywood film scene with all the bells jangling ....and then your Amitabh Bachchan like voice says "Mainey aaj tak tum se kuch nai manga......"

  8. lolz - it is more fun reading ur repiles than ur post.

    dyslexia alert! what did you read it - replies or reptiles? :D

  9. to refrain myself from beating you up you slimy lizard!

    why else?? :D

  10. OOyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee pappee u back .. mere ko laaga ki tu permanent hibernation mein gaya ;)

  11. hemm...interesting theory.

    in that case, im going with nachi...to beat u up :D LOL!

  12. hey stupido-saur!!
    thanks for dropping by on the blog! i've been following your pun-de ka fundas for quite a while myself.. :
    speaking of lists, here's another recommended reading from my blog..

  13. The bcak you wolemce :D

    Are you into any RGV movie? My word veri code is Phook ;)

  14. :|

    kya kisi insaan ko seedhe seedhe welcome karne ka bhi koi hak nahi hai?

  15. @HP

    Aiyo Devi,
    Chatur Bolo Nahi toh Ghoda Bolo!
    My voice bolo nahin to Amitabh Bachchan's voice bolo

    My voice + Maggi Hot and sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce past its expiry date = Amitabh Bachchan's voice.

    Its Different!


    Kitabein padhi hongi bout si hi tumney, Magar koi reptile bhi tumney padha ha?

    (Damn, after the first reply in this comment, Bollywood seems to have stuck in my head!)

    Whats your answer? You never read reptile? Me neither ;)

    You godawful mammalian hairball!
    I am sick of all the readers, especially commentors of this post suffering from dyslexia.

    Its SMILY.
    Not Slimy

    I am a Smily Reptile!

    And there is absolutely no requirement to BEAT me UP. I am UP-BEAT anyways :P


    Nahin rey, Permanent Hibernation nahin, sirf Peppermint Hibernation mein gaya tha! (Damn Dyslexia strikes again!)


    Ah my friend! In that case you better watch out. That Nachaiiya fellow doesn't seem to know where he himself is going! :P :D


    Welcome to the gang chap!

    @ Think Tank
    Congrats! For whatever it was that got you so happy ;)

    (I guess being congratulated and saying Yippiee must go hand in hand,just like TT above) One justifies the other, and viceversa. So the two can merrly exist caused by one another, without a third external cause!)

    //Are you into any RGV movie
    Sorry I don't act in flop movies!


    Insaan ko welcome karney ka pura adhikaar hai! Lekin tumney toh reptile ko welcome kiya! :D


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