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The "Earth, You Are So Dead!" or "Who's Yo Daddy?" post

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We are 'celebrating' 'Environment Week' in office this week, supported by Greenpeace.

We had a poster making competition today. Pencils, sharpeners, erasers, crayons. Although the setup does sound like schoolkids, many participated, including me.

There were teams. I was one of the few single entries (as usual and as expected and strictly as per ISO standards :P).

The theme was "Your Planet Needs You!"

As expected, there were the usual birds and bees and trees and rivers and rainbows, and ugly industries and cars and smoke, windmills, solar panels, and earth giving sagely advices to humans and such things in almost every poster you saw .

As expected, the weirdo in me lived ;)

Mine was a comic strip sort of.

Pane 1: Earth giving a wide smile and saying"Hi there! Recognise me? Your Planet!". It also had a thought bubble "Damn! Why am I smiling!"

Pane 2: In the next pane, Earth has just filled a glass of water from a water cooler (The kind which have huge inverted 20 litre Bisleri water bottles fitted on top of them.) Its making a disgusted face at the glass a squealing,"Yuck, Something has gotten into my water!". And you can see black things in the water in the glass as well as the transparent inverted bisleri bottle. The black things are shaped like humans - the usual kindergarteng figure: Round head, a straight line, and sticks for ands and legs.

Pane 3: The Earth's eyes are wide in panic. Two humans (again stick figures) are choking its neck. And Earth is screaming, "Gasp! Its choking me. Cant breath! Need fresh clean air!"

Pane 4: The Earths eyes are closed and tight in pain and 'eekiness' (kinda when cockroaches walk over you ;) ). Its shouting (Arrggh! Its walking all over me! And it BURNS!". In this pane, the black stick humans are walking all over the Earth. And there are trees too! But the black stick humans are burning all of them.

Pane 5: The earth is looking at out with big angry eyes and saying, "And you know what IT is? Its YOU!"

Then there are these big highlighted wordings,
"YOUR PLANET NEEDS YOU.." **This was the theme of the contest if you remember ;)**
"..to give up your Stupid ways!" **Yeah yeah! That seems to be my favourite word. Expresses a lot of things ;)**

Well my artwork was not very great. Somewhat (Lot) shabby. But my message was kinda strong and sarcastic and cutting and all that blah. Better than most other messages I think. But then my artwork was shabby. Fair enough considering that I single handedly couloured the area of the poster in 1 hour. Other teams had at least 2-3 hands to cover that much area!

But damn! There was this girl who was again a single entry. At the next table (Cafeteria tables). And I could see that she had made something very pretty. There was some beautifully drawn freehand drawing, which from the angle I could see it, looked like some mythological monster's face too! But within it I could also see factory rooftops and cars and trees and stuff. Drawn in a very cool , neat, artistic way. (Damn girls. Why do they have to be so aesthetically purrfect (Does that mean catty?). Always having pearly handwritings, great at drawing at what not :P ;)) I don't know what her punch line was. But if it was good, I am definitely a goner. I had nothing more than a creative idea. No artistic talent. At least not with crayons and at least not when college lectures are not going on :P (Which you will see if I post pics of things I used to draw with pen during Engineering lectures ;) Not very great. But kinda nice)

Lets see when and what the contest results are. Never underestimate your opponents. They may win. Never overestimate judge's great taste. Even you may win ;).
Anyways, after writing all this stuff, I realised that I digress ;)

Initially I was not going to post the entire real life event. Just a side thought which had occured to me during it.
इक जमाना था, जब वहां ' पेड का पार्क ' था

आज वहां बस ' पेड-पार्किंग ' है

And then there was this older guy who kept on addressing us as bright young people, next generation, etc in whose hands the Earth's future lay.
It reminded me of such a guest at school who called us "Bright Kids Of the Next Generation!"
Errr, sir, no offence, to you or me, but if I am the Bright Kid Of The Next Generation, would that not make me my own grandchild? :P
By the way I didn't just do goofing around and contest playing at the first day of the 'fest' (celebrating Earth destruction). I have also filled a form to pay Rs 300 a month (deducted from my account) every month to Greenpeace. Hope they do something good with it :P

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  1. Your ideas were puurrfect! I can teach you some artistic skills..! :)
    250/- Rs. Per month only..

    300 rupees daddycated to Greenpeace?!?!?!?

    Some people hv the opinion that Green Peace is an environmental terrorist org because of the extortion allegations over them!

  2. So, you got the prize for your idea or something?
    I remembered some damn poster competition last year about tobacco awareness, I don't remember what I did. Wrote something "uncool, cool" thing! I Ended up going to state level and got 2nd prizt there! I was shocked at myself!

    My sister has such stupid competitions in her office also! Rangoli making, Cabin Decoration, Ethnic day..and blah blah! You can't get out of stupid extra-curricular activities even after school and college!

  3. a really good post. thoroughly enjoyed this one.

  4. i wanna go green too..

    saw some film stars posing nude for green earth movement

  5. i second Chriz here...now where are those film stars?? hmm...

    ...mast hai be, Stupid is going green with a paycheck. i hope you win.


  6. That's one creative idea :)

    Don't worry if you don't get the prize, I bet one of the lady judges ends up thinking

    "Oh he's stupid and loves green! *Batting eyelashes*"

    Tee Hee!

  7. Great idea dude.

    We still need to learn the are of R K Laxman. He, in his single cartoon conveys a big message. I could never do that.

    I wish, you can do so.

    Best wishes.

  8. I've heard of GREEN-PEAS... What's Greenpeace??? :D

  9. heheh..wat an idea sir ji :P
    go green..ting ting.

  10. i want to see what you made !!! it shouds awesome .. even if it was shabby..
    great work !!! :D :D ;D

  11. LOL, good idea, but with shabby drawing, u will have some point deducted, but neva mind, this is not the end of the world u can try, may be next time, ha ha.

  12. Somehow, I've always come to the conclusion that My Planet Needs (anyone but) Me :D
    Creating a mess and walking out guiltlessly has been a childhood habit of mine. Hmmm.

    However, I'm trying hard to guess how your earth is 'making a disgusted face at the glass a squealing', and talking with the 'eyes wide in panic' or with the 'eekiness' look. I'm imagining all sorts of things...
    Truly a thought provoking piece :)

    And yeah, some girls are just so good at doing it all neatly. I always seem to have trouble putting those amazing, most creative, unbeatable, priceless pictures in my head down on canvas... *sighs*

    Your blog, my friend, has been my dose of humour for the day :D

    And you know what, I got the link to your blog from another blog where you left a comment that was one helluva RIDE.
    Plus I was thinking of just the same things, when the oh-i-am-so-unique dude was going just any way he pleased, to come to 23. Sure you beat the crap outta him :P
    Nevertheless, you must go through some of his reeeeeally old posts if you haven't, he used to be humorous, yeah.

    At the end of this comment, I realise I digress too :-|

    This is probably the longest comment i wrote for someone. Wait, comment? Its a BLOGPOST :O

    Or is it something I'm learning from you? :P

  13. I liked the creatives. U can actually take some time out and make a nice little comic strip on photoshop or something. :) coool idea! and the ped park was killer !!

  14. The idea of the comic strip was good, I'd say! Thought, the Earth would have coughed out of throat irritation, but then, didn't. :)

    If you scoff at the organizers' idea of 'your Earth needs you!', how would you win?

    I too was wondering how you'd have drawn all those panes with expressions on Earth's face(??) :) in one hour? :D



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