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For 'Busy' People...

Sunday, July 12, 2009
...(On gtalk etc)...

"Busy is a four letter word, just like Wolf.
Sometimes, it is difficult to tell.
Especially at times like this..."


(When I messaged this to the person, immediate reply was
"Go on...:)" )
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  1. Go On must have meant Get lost in that context!

  2. @Harini


    As usual eh ;)

    Lets see how many people didn't get it. (Though no getting this is a bit surprising :P). Then I'll explain if needed!


    Nope the person was intrigued at the word play, and we had a good chat :P

    Notice the smiley in what the person sad


    errrrmm how??????? :O :-O !

  3. There are so many 4 letter words in english.. why did u chose wolf??
    and ..sometimes its difficult to tell.. tell what???
    tell which 4 letter word it is??

    Add me in the list of ppl who didnt get it.. and please do explain the mystery..

  4. :D It is one among the stupid random things you say that makes sense when you think about it. :P

  5. Go on...even if it's difficult to tell? LOL!


  6. It is a reference to the boy who cried wolf tale.



  7. four letter words.. four is a four letter word too

  8. I like your name! And I like this post, and so here I am to see the replies to the comments.. :)

    Came blog-hopping through Ann Dee's

  9. what is going on my dear friend! Its been a while! :)

    Scribblers Inc.

  10. I check the comments daily to see whether you have posted the explanation or not..
    Pls.. do post it out..

  11. Here's a four letter word for you: NICE... :D

  12. Thanks for ur comment on 'Beta Female' :). My new blog address is http://georgiacounty.blogspot.com

  13. @ams & mads

    ( .. )
    ( { )
    \ () /
    | |

    (Thats a new emoticon for itna bhi nahin sanjha!!!)


    Is a four letter interjection. And there is a very good reason I chose it to reply to you! :P And even though I found it was difficult to say I am said it to you.


    Ah salvation!
    Wait! Did you think about it? Did it make sense to you? Or were you just stating a general theory?

  14. sheesh. experiment in the previous comment proves it. This damn html thing makes multiple spaces into one. I had left 5 spaces between the two a's :P

    add to that, its a typo.
    read 'sanjha' as 'samjha'.

    At least 'samjha' didn't become 'sabjha' like my previous post. Its a post with a PROFOUND truth, and hardly 3 ppl seem to have read it :P

    Well at least thats still better than the post even before that, which NO ONE seems to have read/viewed.

  15. @Keshi

    Thats it. You too didn't get the post AT ALL.


    Thanks! Many thanks.
    You made me cry (wolf?)!
    Tears of joy!

    Let me steal your line and present it to you
    "Intelligent life on this planet!"

    (I wonder if stealing and immediately giving it back to the owner like this isn't really stealing?)

    Yeah. But even then cricketers are rewarded for it, no reprimanded. Whats the world coming to eh? ;)

    BTW random word association is a nice way of avoiding the topic of whether you got the post or not.

    @Ms Taggart
    Welcome! But bad timing. I ain't feeling very social, posty or commenty these days. But some people desperately seemed to be seeking the 'meaning' of this post, so I started commenting replies here

    Convey my thanks to Ann Dee for putting up my link. Ok fine I'll do it myself :P . One of these days...lets see.

  16. @scribbler

    Oh these days I am seen counting on many things in life, especially your blog.

    (Pun absolutely intended ;) )

    Hint: http://mithunmukherjee.blogspot.com/2009/05/sum-of-all-fear.html


    Sort of missed your creeps.


    "We are the cheeky boys..."

    Anyways I wonder if a cheeky person would ever turn the other cheek. And if the person ain't cheeky, how could he/she have any cheek to turn anyways?

    @homerf tg\
    Well, actually I started writing all these replies precisely because of this comment of yours. Actually I started yesterday because of it, but then stopped just in few moments. You see I am not feeling very communicative.

    Anyways Nothingman cleared the 'mystery' few days back. But if you want to hear from the horse's... no.. reptiles mouth, wait a bit before I finish through answering the remaining ones...


    Here's a four letter non-word for you


    @ beta
    Har chindi comment ke liye har chindi ko thanks bolney jayegi toh kya hoenga tera?

    Anyways thanks for making my comment disappear from the old blog, along with the old blog itself ;P

    Anyways instead of saying 'You are welcome' to your 'Thanks', I decided to make myself welcome to your new blog and splattered another tripe comment.

    Saying 'mention not' after a person has already mentioned thank you is a bit meaningless. So this time I am going to say 'Mention not!' even before you get to thank me for my second comment. Really, I mean it. Don't mention it!

  17. Hello everyone who did not understand,

    Here is the explanation for this 'mystery' post....:P

    I had been watching this person's icon since a few weeks.

    Morning 'Busy'
    Noon 'Busy'
    Evening 'Busy'
    Night 'Busy'

    When not 'Busy', then Away or logged off :P

    So busy or not, the person's status always cried 'Busy!', just like the boy always cried 'Wolf!'.

    So after a while people couldn't really tell if there was a wolf or not and stopped believing. Similarly I couldn't really tell if the person was really busy or not :P

    'Four letter word' was just an added effect.


    (Egads is not a typo. Even the r key of my keyboard is fine. Besides, I am not very likely to miss tapping the same key twice in the same small little word am I? It was meant to be egads, not regards. Cos that sums up my feeling for having to explain this post.

  18. This was good. I've many of those Busy friends and everytime they are not Busy, it's a cause of concern that is communicated to them right away.

    It's a pity though that you had to explain the four letter word in your comments section. :) I can empathize with the frustration :)

  19. Ha! That's why I keep 'busy' only occasionally(and that time I really demand my time! xD )
    But then, i never ping anybody and come online in 'bouts', So I guess people have different kind of complaints against me :>

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Tweet-Blogging eh? And totally thought provoking...

    I once got so bugged with incessant Gtalk pings that I wrote a blog on it and posted the link. Nasty that was, but it solved the problem for good. You friend might want to consider that.. :P

  22. OHHHH !!!
    *look of enlightnment*
    :D aisa bol naa :D

  23. ok..u were talking abt that wolf story and busy status always...thx for enlightening..
    karu.. ladhki hoon.. tab tak chain ni milta jab tak poori baat na pata chale.. isliye dubara bug kiya tha..

    BTW,been a week nw that u posted nything. BUSY?? (not like the wolf story i mean.. ;)

  24. hehehehehe

    Thats a common phenomnenon, i have stopped paying heed to 'Busy' status messages

  25. :P
    i didnt get the "go on" part..

    dont kill me ;P

  26. Is this the way we ought to play with words?!?

    Visit the word-sanctuary!

    u know where! :)


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