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He is gone. But the Pain lives on. And an Identity Crisis born.

Sunday, July 26, 2009
This Pain is alive...

They too are all alive (I think)...

This P.A.I.N lives...

And This-Pain is very much alive too...

But King of Pop is dead. Gone. Absolutely...

It was supposed to be a Pain Killer.
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  1. Well, am hardly into Western music, so couldn't get much, or maybe am not good enough at getting your play of words.

    Either ways, my interpretation is this:

    There are some music bands that are doing complete justice to the word--'pain', and the real entertainer--Michael Jackson is dead. Am I right?

    BTW, I've left a long response to your long comment on my long post.


  2. How is it that all your posts are so short and secretive?
    Maybe you don't consider them secretive but I think you're rather trying to provoke the reader
    "Find what this post means...or not. Mwahaha!"
    It seems that way.
    Regardless, all of them are very witty. And amusing.

  3. some of your links are not working...

    (And I am lazy enough to cut paste the URL even if I understood what the problem is!)

  4. Although I got it, yet I hardly feel like laughing at this...
    And btw, check that t-pain link again, its written "blogger .com" before it lol

    @Ketan: Stupido has given all music(bands/albums/musicians) links named "Pain" and demerol should have killed them(hence "pain" killer), but it killed MJ instead (who wasn't "Pain") :(:(

  5. Thanks Ayushi!

    So my interpretation wasn't too off mark either. Actually I didn't know pethidine (which I think is also actually a brand name for mepiridine) had something to do with Jackson's death.


    PS: Looks like the 'other' bands' names have actually something to do with the word 'pain'.

  6. wow.

    youre pained.

    I think srishti pointed it out :)

    see, you blogged and so did I !

  7. Plus,
    To say Morphine was one of my favorite songs...he says "Demerol...Demerol..Oh my he's taking demerol..."

  8. Im not gonna laugh Stupid just cos I cant :(


  9. @Ketan
    Don't worry. I am also not into Western music. In fact I am not into anything. I just did Google search to see who could have been killed by a pain-killer :P

    This post was d

    ue ever since I read wiki about his death a few days after he died. But was too bored to Google.

    Wow! Thanks for such hi-brow analysis & criticism of my blog.

    //"Find what this post means...OR NOT. Mwahaha!"

    The words in caps are most imortant! ;)

    //(And I am lazy enough to cut paste the URL even if I understood what the problem is!)

    I am lazy too. Like the old saying goes, let sleeping dogs and incorrect links lie, so that you can also go to sleep.

  10. @Ayushi

    Thats fine. I didn't mean to make it funny. I was just being weird (thats what I usually do most naturally :P). None of the usual labels for funny posts have been put here.

    In fact I was gonna start a new label "Bad Stupidosaur", which was title of one of the posts I put in context of Mumbai Terrorist attacks

    To say Morphine was one of my favorite songs...he says "Demerol...Demerol..Oh my he's taking demerol..."

    Wow! Quite freaky & prophetic!

    Although, I haven' really heard much of MJ's mmusic. Most of it I heard on various blogs after he died.

    And man!Does he dance or what! Superb! Brilliant! I am stopping the adjectives here only because I need to sleep soon.

    Sorry to disappoint you in celebs department. That reminds me...I hate SRK ;). But this MJ dude, whether dude or not, based on what little I now know about him and his art, is profound!


  11. @deluded

    The last line I understood.

    For the rest, I have one question,

    "How do we lude you?"



    See reply to Ayushi


    Well what can I say! He IS gone. But his glorious work lives.

    And probably got saved from worst future humiliations- physical deterioration, financial troubles, allegations messy personal life and greedy sharks all around etc.

    Dunno what might have happened at the 50 concerts either.

    He quit at the top, so we have (mostly) only the best of him to remember. It wouldn't have seemed fitting if the owner of 'Neverland' had grown old and haggard and then died (Well, haggard he already seemed to have become)

  12. Arrey tum SRK se jealous ho *pokes Stupidosaur* :)

  13. Yeah, what you say makes sense. He was better gone than to suffer all the humiliation


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