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The Chinese guy disappointed!

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Guess what?
Our Chinese guy of the below post was searching for his favourite kind of grub.
He thought he had hit the holy grail when he found the below website url:

He was so disappointed when he actually went to the website!
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Anonymous said...

such a lousy joke..but LOVED it!

Ketan said...

LOL@Your joke; laughs out loudly.

LOL@Disappoited Chinese guy; lots of lice.

You shouldn't make jokes on lice like that. What if PETA objects? Afterall, speaking of lice and ice cream in the same breath is an insult to their tastes!

*PETA--People eating tasty animals (<---- not my original idea; read it somewhere).


Stupidosaur said...


'Lousy' joke? Absolutely!
Lice is the plural. The singular is really Louse!

Yeah! Yeah! A lousy joke indeed!

Lekin ek Louse se Chinaman ka pet nahin bharega!


Not only PETA people, even petu people will severely object to this thoroughly inedible joke ;)

//LOL@Disappoited Chinese guy; lots of lice.

Naah. He's in India these days suffering from severe Lack Of Lice.

His case is very similar to a particular kind of people. When they don't get a 'particular' thing in real life, they desperately seek visuals of it online. Similarly our Chinese guy went to www.AmuLiceCream.in full of lusty hope.

(Hehe Ramya, this last part was inspired by the Ramya's maamisms that used to be on your blog, but which weren't really Ramya's maamisms, and which my stupidity might have played a part in getting removed from your blog ;)

You can put em back re!)

Stupidosaur said...


The reply to your email is around 1/3rd ready. You see, I am not replying frivolously, off the cuff to you there!


(But don't build up lots of expectations from the reply!!)

Anonymous said...


Eating Lice proves the monkey connection!

Ketan said...


Yes, you're right, a lot of people get disappointed by what they see on web sites.

I guess, if the specific action you're taking in response to my email, is writing back one, then I shouldn't be expecting a lot, especially not what I was expecting writing that email to you, more so with the forewarning that you've given. Nevertheless, it must be interesting to get an email from you. Also if you don't mind, please also include your IQ in that email if you ever got it tested in any way. I'm curious. That I'm asking you this question, you can take as one of the hugest compliments coming from me.

LOL@all of your witty responses above.

Since, I was unsuccessful in making you curious about the hint I was hinting at, here (click) is the link.


HP said...

totally awesome ! :D

Srishti said...

Who's Amu? Does he sell Lice Cream?
'Cuz I know someone who could use some ;)

Insignia said...

The Chinese invented ice cream!! and yet this guy is disappointed? Hmm so much for the louse....ufff

Stupidosaur said...


Is that monkey connection broadband?
I want! I want!

//Yes, you're right, a lot of people get disappointed by what they see on web sites.

Errrm dude, I don't know what great deep philosophy you thought I was expounding there, but I was basically talking about adult content on the web. The 'maamism' was something to the effect that how can someone actually enjoy watching people 'going at it' when they themselves probably aren't getting any. It was one amongst several funny quotes taken by our 'maami' from the internet.


Tally! To Tally! To Tally Ho Gayi!

(LOL! Bad parody!)


//Cuz I know someone who could use some ;)

Na munni! Na! Lice Cream is for eating and garnishing purposes only! Strictly for devouring. No one should USE Lice Cream. It doesn't protect against UV rays, doesn't remove pimples, doesn't remove dark circles, doesn't lighten the complexion, doesn't make you a cricket commentator and doesn't win you dance competitions.

For all this and much more, use Fair and Lovely Cream instead!


Maybe Chinese don't like this particular brand of ice cream cause it makes Indian Economy stronger in its own way, and is a super power in the international dairy industry ;)

Stupidosaur said...

@ketan again

Arghhh! Is this an all out war or what? You have opened so many fronts at so many posts, on at least three people's blogs. I feel totally under siege!

I have a very good spy network. I know about all those fronts even if you don't explicitly tell about it. Just that I don't have enough soldiers to man all those fronts :P

As you might have noticed, I still have a lot of 'debt'. You are not even aware of all of it. Much of it is at my own blog. So even if strictly by 'first come first serve basis', if not by 'ladies first' basis, someone else is likely to get some replies from me before you.

Poor little me has only so much CPU time, that too worsened by a very slow machine, that doesn't even support 'shortcuts' like windows.

This was an absolutely meaningless analogy towards the end, and justifies me being a STUPIDosaur ;)

Ketan said...

Oh Stupidosaur, sorry about that. I realize you must be busy. Okay, I didn't even expect you to reply to my comments on Ayushi's post. I just wanted you to know that I'd praised you (pretty highly so) even before that Dr. S blog-thing happened. So you may just read the very first comment on that page. I'd no intention to make you read it, but then the charge levelled (by you) against me was pretty grave (by my standards), and maybe I went ballistic in my defense.

I didn't understand the 'shortcut-windows' thing.

And @ your earlier comment--it's not entirely my fault--how do I know when to read between the lines, and when only the lines? :( I won't be faced with such predicament if you'd maintain a consistent 'level'. ;)


PS: I don't need to tell this, but as far as I'm concerned, you've no obligation. Do whatever pleases you.

Ketan said...

*Very first comment from me on Ayushi's post... okay, I know you must have got it. But with you I wouldn't like to take chances. :)

And don't look at all those things as fronts--take them as invitations. :P

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