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Saturday, August 1, 2009
I don't give a damn!

How can I? I just don't possess any 'damn' to give!

But then again, when I say "Curse you!" then I am giving a curse, sort of.

So when I say "Damn you!", does that mean I am giving a damn?

So is the other person better off when I give a damn or don't give a damn?


P.S. : This is purely fictional thought. I dont swear or damn or curse.

:) **angel ring on the head**

Yeah, but its true that I don't give a damn ;)

On the sides, I don't possess any 'company'. But I do occasionally give 'company' to people! Does that make me a fraud ??? ;)
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HP said...

my my !! this is Deep!!

Abhishek Behera said...

uff! u surprise me with just words...


Anonymous said...

:D Now I'm reminded of Macbeth's 3 witches' chant: "Fair is foul and foul is fair!"

Ketan said...


Reading your post I'm feeling grandiose enough to experience a delusion of reference. Though yes, it could be perfectly coincidental, but I'm suremy instinct is correct.

As to your giving company to others, I'm sure, that's very charitable of you. As it is, it is better to give company than giving head, which I'm sure you possess. :)

On second thoughts, I shouldn't have read your views on crucifix placed between disparate fauna, which seems to have totally blown off my head, which too surely has its own advantages, like no longer having to give it. :P

Okay, I think I shouldn't give away anything more. G'night!

Anonymous said...

dude! its english!
when I say, I'm trying to put up with her, does not mean that I am putting her up!

Pree-yea.... said...

ooohh!! Stupido in a question-o mood-o...!!
I bet you know answers to all of it..!! Btw, I second ramya..!!
[That does not mean i'm first :P]

- Sugar Cube - said...


You don't really give a 'damn' when you say 'Damn you'
Coz its like..damned if you say , damned if you don't :D

Yeah I know that doesn't make sense :P

Naina said...

that post made my mind spin..hhehehehhe and i am all smiles.. following you from now.. :)

and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

AnjuGandhi said...

hopped on to ur blog via Ramya . although couldnt approach the other two blogs of yours. liked the way u write.

divsi said...

dam me..river me...lake me..! ;) crazzzyyy stuff!

p.s: wats rong wid my profile pic btw..;p temme temme!

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...


you sound like me now!!! :D
i just sit and think think think about all this... but i think ppl are better off if you dont give a damn :P

happy friendship day :) i wont be surprised if you say youre your own best friend. i do :P

Srishti said...

Just now, a woman outside my house was yelling "Damn lelo, damn! 10 rupai kilo! Aaj lelo, kal nahi milega!"
Can you imagine buying that while some people give it away for free?

Pallav said...

It's all about giving and taking then?

Life is business, business is life.

All money is also, only a promise. No one goes to the governor to ask for 100 bucks worth of...what?


Anonymous said...

You write all these little snippets of smart-assness.

Are you in advertising???

What's this word verification for??? you are not famous. It's an inconvenience. Remove it. Will you??

ShantanuDas said...

hey! thanks for visiting my blog.. but the main one is the photography one of INDIA...

Unfortunately your photo blog etc seems to be private...

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