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The right angle on the love triangle

Sunday, August 30, 2009
One heroine, two heroes.
a) Both heroes love the same heroine. They call it a love triangle.
b) One hero loves the heroine. But the heroine loves the other hero. They call it a love triangle.

One hero, two heroines.
a) Both heroine love the same hero. They call it a love triangle.
b) One heroine loves the hero. But the hero loves the other heroine. They call it love triangle.

Love triangle?
Not really!

Cases a) We have two 'straight' lines, from the two people A & C of sex 1 to the single person of the other sex 2. That my friends, makes it an angle ABC, not triangle.

Cases b) We have one 'straight' line from person A of sex 1 to person B of sex 2, and then another 'straight' line from person B of sex 2 to person C of sex 1. That my friends, again makes it an angle ABC, not a triangle!

A triangle ABC is possible in extension of either of these cases only when additionally we have a 'line' between person A & C (matlab A ne C pe line marna chahiye, ya C ne A pe ).

But A & C are of the same sex 1.
So one of the two must be gay or bisexual!

Was this true in any of the movies they sold you with the theme of 'love triangle'?
No! I don't think so!

So you have been fooled all along friends!
Go dance!

'Love triangle'? Cute term!

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  1. Ooooooh *shin chan style* :P
    Ever heard of him? o_0

    I bet one of the person in a love 'triangle' is secretly bisexual. :P

  2. As we go into even number of dimensions, let's say a square or a hexagon, then one can do away with the bisexuality. Put for a pentagon or a triangle, we must accpet the truth.

  3. Like we didn't know THAT?
    We ALWAYS boo on this term.
    Come on.

    But for the n00bheads out there, informative post indeed.

    Psst, what brought your attention to THIS term?

  4. Hmm Hmmm

    I like the bisexual theory better :D

  5. I think we can change the name...

    Rather saying Love triangle...

    we can say Love Twiangle (only 2 angles).. :P

  6. Nice one, Stupidosaur there!

    Love is a force of attraction between two people (points).

    Case I (two guys; one girl):

    Relationship I: Two guys (points 'B' and 'C') love a girl 'A'. Let's draw an imaginary line (all lines are anyway imaginary by definition in geometry) between 'B' and 'C'. Now, since, all the three points are arranged on the same plane, and would not be collinear (they may be collinear, but probability of their being that way is less, as compared to randomly scattered points), their is a nonzero force of attraction (love) acting between the pairs B and A, and C and A. Therefore, a force of attraction directed from C to B be must exist, equaling the cos of the angle formed by AB and BC, and its product with the force of attraction of B for. Likewise, C would analogously experience an attraction for B. Now, since both are forces of attraction, they'd be additive. So, both actually love each other. But since, the force of attraction the experience for each other is merely a component of attraction the experience for the opposite gender A, they end up getting attracted to each other (B to C, and C to B), only 'cuz they think the other to be opposite gender, rather than of their own gender. And this is entirely the case, 'cuz usually they don't know each other directly, 'cuz if they'd know each other, they'll hate each other (competition), but then this situation is also not shown!

    So, there does exist a kind between B and C, just that the movie people don't get that geometric in showing it!

    Relationship II:
    C like A, and A likes B. Definitely again, a component (governed by cos of angle between CB and CA) of B's force of attraction acts in direction of C. But then, there's a small complication. If angle ACB happens to be obtuse, then that force will act in direction against C, rather than towards C. Let's call this ray BC. But, but, but, apart from a force acting in direction AB, there would be a component of positive force, from A that would meet the ray BC at a point, which we can call B'. And, lo, we have a triangle--CB'A So basically A, apart from loving B, also loves an imaginary lover B' who she thinks to be male, and C also loves the same imaginary person, B' apart from loving A!

    Situation II:
    You can simply swap each male for female, and each female for male in above situation, and you'd get the same result!...

  7. ...But I go and watch movies, precisely to be fooled; not to watch reality--to escape the harshness of my life, and if those buggers have not fooled me, then, they have fooled me by not fooling me. :o I'd like to be fooled watching the movie, and not by the movie makers!

    And, anyway I can't dance! :(

    You shouldn't have enlightened me, Stupidosaur. Now, I'll always stay unhappy :( and not be able to watch any Bollywood movie without these strenous vectorial calculations!

    TC. :(

  8. Errata:

    1. So, there does exist a *line* between B and C (T9-dictionary-induced mistake)

    2. ...a component of *C's* force in direction of *B* (overconfidence-induced mistake as I didn't actually try to draw these things on paper; and my 'working memory' along with the stress of typing on cell phone failed me).

  9. @Ketan

    Dost, kisi shayar ne kaha hai, log pyar ke -->dhagon<-- se bandh jaatey hain.

    Kisi ne nahin kaha ki log pyar ke --->rubberbands<-- se bandh jaate hain. So don't worry about the pulls and their vector components between A,B & C.


  10. @Pree-yea.

    I hadn't heard of him. Now I read of him. Because of two rhyming entities:

    And the question is, if one of the persons was -->secretly<-- bisexual, how did they all know and call it a triangle to begin with?

  11. @Brown Phantom

    Even Washington does not publicly accept many truths about Pentagon. Lets play safe and limit ourselves to discussing triangles.


  12. Stupidosaur-ji! Waah, waah! Waah, waah! (Hindi waala; na ki comic strips waala). Kya shayari hai!

    Is se mujhe bhi ek Hindi purane chalachitra ka geet yaad aa gaya!

    Yeh shaam mastaani, madhosh kiye jaaye; mujhe...

    Oops! This song talks of 'rope' and not 'thread'. And moreover, your source seems to be more reliable than that of a madhosh mad, whose screw is lose!

    And, I take st upon me to not stretch issues and rubber bands beyond their elastic limits so as to introduce plastic deformities into them, except for if:

    1. I sense an opportunity to make a fool of myself.

    2. I feel like stretching some rubbers

    3. On weekends, when you could be free-er, and which would give you an opportunity to make a fool of myself

    4. When I've nothing else better to do, which is almost always, except for when I'm sleeping, commenting on someone else's blog, scheming about what to comment on your posts

    So you see, now on you'll see fewer and shorter comments from me!

    PS: Kya kuchh log pyaar ke <--gadhon--> se bhi bandh jaate hain?

  13. @Stupido:
    Umm... that makes me think. I hate thinking ;)

    Oh! maybe 'cause all of them were daftheads. They didn't know what they were talking about :P

  14. I still am wondering how you come up with SUCH things!!!! :-O!!!

    I love the Bisexuality thingie. You can name it - Stupidosaur's Bisexuality Theorem - which proves Bollywood's Love Triangle Theorem wrong ;-)

    I was just seeing some of your tags - LOL@ Yay so many Tags and A-pun bola!!! :D

  15. You've just shown casting couches in a new 'angle', which is actually the secret reason behind the directors knowing that at least one vertex of your love triangle is gay, making it a triangle in the first place.


    i love your posts!!
    ek se badhkar ek

  17. Stupii.
    You are weird! Funnily so. :D
    And your identity is a mystery...but I've figured out your profession! HAHA!
    You write Jon Stewart's lines, dont you? :P

  18. Bisexual must be more like it....eh?
    Loved your theorem :-)

    You are unbelievable!!

  19. always knew there was something fishy with those bollywood movies and all that bromance in them.

    High points for pointing out this mathematical tragedy in bollywood.

    Kudos man.


  20. Thats good analysis...

    Must have really thought about it..

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  21. you have an amazing blog here..
    adding you to my readers list... hope ya dont mind..


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