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Lost Into The Mirror World In Transaltion!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009
I saw you, and I realized...
Life is sunshine, while You are a deep dark shadow.

That sounds like life is pleasant, while You is quite a vile person, like Voldemort or Sauron . But actually I have merely translated the lines of a Hindi song....

तुमको देखा, तो ये ख़याल आया...
जिंदगी धूप, तुम घना साया |

And they mean quite the opposite, isnt it?!!!

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  1. Bhak!!! Ruk ja, main translate karti hun

    When I saw you, I realised...

    A. Life is sun scorch, and you are a dusky shade.

    B. Life is burning sun, you are umbrella

    C. Life is UV rays, you are SPF 45 sunscreen

    see they are better.. :P

  2. @Pree-yea

    yup. whoa it is! Thanks!

    @Spark Star

    We are talking of a literal translation here and not 'idea translation' :P. If idea translation of anything is done, nothing would ever be lost in translation :P

    Your B & C don't even come close. The original song does not mention 'umbrella', 'UV rays' or 'SPF 45 sunscreen'. These are ugly technical words of the modern day. They made me go :P :P :P :P :P. Try using Hindi translations of these words in the original song, and you will realise it sounds such garbage, or mocking spoof at best! The arty words of the old song on other hand are timeless! :)

    However for a moment I can give some consideration to A, but not really.

    The song has dhoop, which is sunlight/sunshine, not sun. Besides the dhoop is without any adjectives like 'scorch'. The song does not force us to imagine anything by using definite adjectives. It lets the mind go into any interpretation knowing fully well that in context of the entire line, in the end it would reach the same sense that was intended. Genius!

    Also dusky is related to dusk, evening. Shade is chhanw, not saaya. Saaya is shadow. So dusky shade is shaam ki chhanw, not ghana saaya.

    On other hand,

    Dhoop = sunshine / sunlight literally

    Saaya = shadow literally

    Ghana - I agree I was not entirely happy with my translation of dense dark. You can suggest better, preferably one word, but I am sure that will not change the totally opposite sense that English translation conveys!!

  3. hehe! :) im gona rem this weneva i here jaggu's song!:)

  4. i came to tell u that 3 weeks are up .. and saw u updated the blog.. now i m stunned.. i didnt even tell u k i liked this song.. still u ruined it for me.. but must say the traslation was word to word...anyways welcome back...
    ps.how did the exam go?and i m going to ignore ur vericodes ab se

  5. clearly you are yet to learn that eeglees ees a vaery funny language. ;P

  6. Stupidosaur,

    Even without translating into any other language, I always found these particular lines quite mediocre. It was a pathetic attempt at rhyming by the lyricist. The best possible figurative meaning I could reach for those lines was just like how a shadow indicates that there must be light (sunlight) somewhere (actually, in the opposite direction), you're an indicator of presence of life! I know this sounds 'cool', but that's after stretching my imagination a lot fishing for meaning probably where none existed!

    Though I don't know the lines ahead, restricting my analysis only to those 2 lines had irritated me somewhat when I'd paid them attention for the first time.

    There are too many songs where Urdu or rustic Hindi words are used and people automatically start thinking there must be something profound in those words!

    Sorry for this angry rant, but this once could not resist. "Sorry", because you've somewhat indicated you wish to keep the tone of your posts and all the comments light-hearted (or at least, I felt so). And also possibly because you might be actually liking the lyrics in which case, you might Hit (me) for that! But which I might anyway enjoy--after all, it's all 'virtual' hitting! :P

    Spark Star,

    Did you by any chance read what have I written for Stupidosaur in the same post where I've mentioned you? ;)

  7. Okay, one self-developed spoof of this song!

    Tum ko jhela toh yeh khayaal aaya...

    Train ki chhat se dhakeloon; chhaiyan-chhaiyan

    See, how profound it sounds just like a few of my 55ers! ;)

    Apologies in advance if anyone's feelings are hurt because of this spoof!

    And if someone wishes to take revenge, one of my very much liked songs is smack my bitch up! And in Hindi it is jaane kahaan gaye woh din... ;)

  8. Lol....I knew what was coming the moment I read those lines. :D :P

  9. lol .

    ghana= dense??

    ghana jungle = dense forest?

    dense shadow


  10. Hey sorry Maryum, not replying o comments. Busy.

    BTW from your question I know you didn't read the below post :P

    We shall meet one day! ;)

  11. @ others: Stupidosaur shall meet you one day! :P

  12. Hey Stupidosaur, did you notice how symmetrical is Spark Star's last comment? I mean seriously, you can see a horizontal axis of symmetry (at least on the cell phone)!

    Her m. balance has got tilted because of exams! Instead of vertical now it is horizontal! :P

  13. Lol, but doesn't chhaya translate to shade rather than shadow??! :P

    BTW I have given the translations you requested in my post 'Dumb Dialogues'
    Please hop over :)


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