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The secret of the absent minded professor!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
"I am the best!" was something that was always present somewhere at the back of his mind.
And yet...
"I am the best!" was something that had never gone to his head.
But thats only possible if his mind didn't reside in his head.

Aha! That explains!
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HP said...

ooo !! i like!

Ketan said...

Quite possibly, you didn't mean this post to have some sort of subtle meaning, but then the devotee in me could still find some. ;) After all, you're the best err... best is that professor. You're the greatest! :D

The professor knew he had the potential to be the best (at the "back of his mind"), but he knew he was not the best yet ("had never gone to his head"). And so he passionately continued to engage in his research(?). So he went mad (his mind stopped being in his head --> so now his mind and he himself were two separate entities --> so basically, now he was out of his mind) ;)

But Stupidosaur, I'm finding it difficult to believe you left out a simpler 'geometrical' possibility! :O

Quite possibly, the front part of his mind was in his head; it was only the back part of the mind that could not enter the head 'cuz it housed the oversized "I am the best"! :P


wise donkey said...

lost his mind??
never mind:)

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