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In the end Math prevailed ;) ...

Saturday, January 2, 2010
In an apartment building

Floors have flats.
Flats have floor.

So mathematically, flats are subset of floors and floors are subset of flats. So floors and flats must be the same set.

Now you know why the floor is flat!

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  1. I hope your flat doesn't get floored! :P

  2. yups.. thanks! :)

    Happy New HUMAN year!

  3. Haha, I like it!

    And Happy New Year. :)

  4. How do you come up with such posts? No really!

  5. lol lol lol :) :)

    how you doing by the way?? loong loong time!

  6. technically,

    floor in the first statement is f1 and floor in the immediate next is f2.
    now, when you stated 'floor is flat', which floor is it, f1 or f2? DEFINITELY not the same set, then.

    fartness. XP

  7. Haha.. nice title and good to read little post!

  8. mentioned u in my post..check it out when u hv time :)

  9. hehehehhee...
    cant stop laughing..

    p.s was just passing by

  10. @Ketan,

    It won't. I have disciplined it.
    "If you get floored, you will be grounded!"

    And to avoid being grounded, kids dare misbehave only when the disciplinarian is not around. So just in case my landlord's house decided to get floored in spite of my above threat (though I fully wish it wouldn't), it will do it in my absence ;).

    Thanks? What for? Yeh toh mera farz tha! What are friends for anyways ;)

    Anyways, what is HUMAN year? I heard that Chinese have years for 12 kinds of animals - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse , Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Where did HUMAN year come from ;)?

    Haan thoda sa badhiya. Lekin aapka blog toh 3 months se bilkul aagey nahin badhiya :P

  11. @Shrishti,
    Thanks! Happy new week ;)

    Actually an old friend called, and was asking for my new address. I started with the flat no, floor no and so on, till city. At the end of it he asked me what the name of the owner is. Since he asked, I told him, but added that neither the door nor any table on the ground floor of the building mentions any owner name. So sounding really concerned he asked me, "Fir mein ghar dhoondhunga kaise building mein?"

    I said "Kaha na first floor?". Still he persisted, "Lekin first floor mein kidhar? So I asked somewhat sarcastically, "Floor mein flat hote hain :P! Flat number diya na?"

    Not to be outsassed, he replied "Lekin Flat mein floor hote hain!" But since I had to have the final word, I immediately replied with, "Lekin floor toh flat hote hain!"

    This part of the conversation changed into a self contained non context-specific blog post after a few days during morning bath.

    Of course that was not the end of our conversation. It went on with him disagreeing that floor is flat, saying there are lots of surface irregularities. And me replying back that if we try to measure all the irregularities in the floor by using smaller and smaller size stick, the floor's side length and thus carpet area would become infinite (explanation here) (see section The coastline problem). Then nobody would be able to buy the flat due to infinite price. So to keep it real, floor would have to be measured by a straight rod wall to wall, and under that realistic approximation, floor is flat and...

    (Ok lets cut the detour! Enough! No you know the 'how' part for this post ;) )

  12. @insanity inc:
    I am doing breezily as usual! What am I doing breezily as usual? Nothing, as usual ;)


    Technically, this symbol...


    ..is called a winky.
    Post has two of them - once in the heading at the beginning, and second one at end.


    BTW, math is supposed to be a universal language. So if aliens from other planet read this, how would they know that difference between the two floor kinds?


    "Beans! Beans! They're good for you heart!
    The more you eat, the more you fart!
    The more you fart, the better you feel!
    So lets have beans for every meal!"

    Enchanting chuckle that one. ;)


    No no! I am THAT ONLY! Every other thing is something else only ;).
    Wait! Same difference?

  13. @Darshan,

    Well, if you say so. I don't have any problems with that ;).

    @Blue Peri
    LOL Away Li'l Lady! Why the sad morose posts on your blog? Also why can't I comment on your blog?


    Kya fayda mention karney ka :P! Colouring font mein bas naam aaya mera :P! Link-back bhi karna chahiye tha na :P! Waste ladki!

    (Kidding ;)! Thanks for the mention!)

  14. @smitzy
    Nice ONE? Wow! You must be like the Rain Man! You correctly counted the number of jokes in the post, even though I tried to mislead you by putting two winkies in the post!

    @committed to life
    There is no need to stop either!
    BTW, if you were just passing time, then in Indian English, we can say you were doing timepass. But since you were just passing by, does that mean you were doing a bypass? ;)

    @Wise donkey

    BTW, if it is a split level apartment, it can have floorS too!

  15. Even your comments are hilarious!!! If I was at home, I would laughed like a mad cow ;-)


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