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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
A Stupidosaur.
A city.
A night.
A stranger.
Plump fortyish.
A plea.
Hospitalised daughter.
Epilepsy treatment
Outstanding bills.
Money needed.

Stupid listens.
Refuses donation.
Sets condition.
Accompanying stranger.
Settling bills.

Stranger angry.
Feigns hurt.
"Stupidosaur untrusting!
Old man!
Honest, troubled!
Young generation!
So cynical!
Other work.
Then hospital!
Give money!
Cash, now!"

Yeah right!
Bloody fraud!

 Well, this is an actual event that happened to me. And this genre is my own invention to rival '55 fiction' that I can see all over the place! This genre is called '2 fact'. Pretty lame!  Actually 'Pretty lame!' is '2 fact' personified! First, in '2 fact', every 'sentence' can have only 2 words. "Pretty lame!" has two words. And second, the story must be factual. Again, that '2 fact' is pretty lame genre is a fact ;).
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  1. This happens so often. I think it's the same dude fucking with all the people. Do you look gullible, stupid?


  2. @Kanan

    I think the concept of 'streams' 'branches' and 'majors' came into picture after school. So I guess in school I studied pretty much the same thing as everybody else ;). Why do you ask?


    I look kind hearted :P.

    Actually I did wonder if it was a genuine hurt that the person felt. Maybe he was really in need, already in low spirits, and felt the whole world is such a cruel place when he heard my condition, which implies that I am not ignoring the possibility that he's just a petty crook. Then he reacted emotionally and refused, though I was offering real help. Even the hospital he named was hardly 1 km from that place. So I was really ready to go to the hospital to settle bills (he was quoting just about Rs.1000 remaining to be settled, after payment of which his daughter would be allowed to continue treatment there, otherwise chucked out.)

    But I think if he would have been in real dire need, he would have accepted in spite of the implied mistrust I showed.

    Anyways I didn't say it in a calculative manner or tone. My first reply was "which hospital?" After he named the nearby one, I immediately told him in a friendly manner that I am willing to accompany him and pay the bill to the hospital.

  3. That's what I meant.. in "school" maane ke college/univ. It was just out of curiosity. :)

  4. Hi!

    This is one of the more difficult dilemmas of life. Somehow, the fact that someone could be cheating me in their asking me for help, would not bother me. As in I'm kind of alright if the person tries to cheat, but the feeling I find difficult to handle is one of gullibility after discovering being cheated. But then, even more difficult is to handle the guilt felt on knowing that something could have been helped, and I didn't. But of later, both the kinds of fears have not been affecting me much. I no longer feel the compulsion to "be perfect" as I see it. And of course, what constitutes perfect itself keeps on changing.

    If you're wondering why am I laying stress on self-perception of perfection, it is because in my case, I realized, that I had continued to be 'nice' and 'generous' with decidedly ungrateful (in general, not necessarily to me) and crooked people, not because I was worried about what they felt about me, or the consequences if I didn't help, but because I could not deliberately make myself give a response that I considered to be 'bad'. But in case of strangers, I might go by the severity of consequences and scale of 'sacrifice' to be made in helping.

    I would like your comment on this post - it is very short; won't take much time for you to read. Also, I would like to know, if the situation actually presents a dilemma for you, or if you reach the decision pretty quickly and convincingly.


    Going by the title of this post, would you try to thwart deception because it is fundamentally wrong, or because you would not like the feeling of being deceived. Or in this particular case, you felt that if his case was not genuine, he did not 'deserve' help?

    Also, I am sure if epileptics usually require hospital admission. Even if they do, then that stay is supposed to be very brief. And it would not be prolonged except for if fractures or tongue bite would have occurred.

    Thanks (in advance!)


  5. Thanks :)

    Yesterday I tried to make sense of your story but couldn't. May be it was because it was "2 fact". This thing takes getting used to... like everything else.

  6. Well judged.
    Please read.
    My blog.
    Few jokes.
    Long posts.

    (please please
    pretty please ;)

  7. Hmmmmmmm.. I totally understand y u were in that 'confused' state of mind.. 'To be or not to be'... Well, it's more like 'To give or not to give'...

    P.S.: Am back.. Have posted a bit after ur last comment.. But haven't heard from u... Hopin to now!!!

  8. *I am not sure if epileptics usually require hospital-admission.

  9. happened to me once.

    i think the best option is pretending you just had a seizure and run away

    or shout,

    'oh! ketchup!'

    and then eat your pants.

    both are quite effective really.

  10. take two
    word at
    a time.

    you have
    2 facts.

    big deal.

  11. No ABHISHEK.
    Not easy.

    Two words.
    Complete sentence.
    Not incomplete.

    Big deal?
    Yes, sir.

  12. OMG! OMG!
    samajh aaya
    tubelight hui
    der lagi
    mushkil hai
    achha hai
    pasand aaya
    blog likha
    bahot shukriya

  13. Hey Stupii :D

    I don't understand the mistrust part at all. Why would you trust a complete stranger?
    I think its a wonderful, and smart, thing that you did, telling him that you'd settle the bill at the hospital. Many wouldn't even do that. :)


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