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Moth, I am sorry.

Monday, December 5, 2011
An unwitting tragedy. A poem.
A soft disturbance on my knee.
Nonchalant I flicked it casually.
Golden powder on knee I see.
And moth crippled nigh by destiny.
The moth could have been me.

Just a short poem at this hour of the night/morning to slightly lighten myself from what just happened. I hope I didn't damage the moth too much. One wing is very thinned, with no colour, and slightly broken at places. The other lush golden velvety wing tells me what a proud beauty the damaged wing once was, before I damaged it. The moth is sitting quietly. Flutters and jumps if I bring a finger near it. Hope it is able to recover, fly and live. I did not intend this.
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Poppy said...

I think the moth damaged you. :P

AB said...

Oh.. sad..

And http://twitter.com/#!/ranj_vktl/status/139411878542712832

waqar qureshi said...

Nice Poem .


Kanan said...

ha pastaavo vipool zaraNu swarg thi utaryu
paapi tema dubaki dai ne puNyashaaLi bane chhe.

Oh the domino effects left by our little unintentional actions...

commited to life said...


Live2cherish said...

nothing for yr followers on new year kya?

Stupidosaur said...

@Live2cherish Sorry! :)
@Rajamaickam Well sad incidents lead to sad poems. But then u say it is good? Or maybe that is why it is good? Hmm..Hai sab se madhur woh geet jinhe... XD

HydrogenPops said...

Happens sometimes. Did writing the poem lighten you up?

Kanan ni peli line samajh ma na aavi.

HydrogenPops said...

Google transliteration and translate to the rescue ! got it. Profound!

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