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Anti-Rape device?

Friday, July 18, 2008
This whole act called rape really sickens me.
The victim, being physically weaker, can't do much to stop it.
Further, the victim is not even anatomically capable of stopping it.
A guy on the other hand can't be 'raped' by a female unless the guy wants it, at least at some level. Otherwise it will just not be physically possible.

The victim of the crime must really feel horrible, helpless, insulted, frightened and not to forget the risks of pregnancy and diseases.

Sometimes I have also wondered what ->I<- would do if I was witnessing such a thing, or if someone I know suffers and tells me about it. To be honest, I am not a big and strong guy. So beating the crap out of the sicko like a film hero is not really an option available to me. And going to police, though an option, would really be a nightmare which would have to be endured because of lack of other options. So being the geek that I am, I used to think about inventing a device which could teach the fellow a lesson right on the spot. Recently, a blogger solitaire wrote a fictional story about date-rape. That brought out all the thoughts of the above type I had previously, and I posted a comment on that post of hers.
Here I am repeating that comment once again.

Maybe we should have devices.Like the IUDs or something. When the lady goes for such a party or to some dark alley alone,she could switch it on.Then soemone tries to violate her, the device would go into action.Some possibilities of what the 'action' could be...(we could even have combination of these)

1) Tattoo 'it' with a big 'RAPIST'
2) Inject local anaesthesia to make it limp
3) Autodial up police, 911 whatever, with GPS coordinates.
4) Inject general anaesthesia so that the fellow drops unconcious till the police arrive
5) Start big blaring noises and alarms of "Rape! Help! Please save me! etc
6) Inject something that makes him permanently impotent/unfertile/both
7) The device locks around 'it' and separates out from the lady. The unlocking keys or codes would only be with the local police. So the choice is his. Show up, or be unable to use it for rape or non-rape in future. Or risk breaking 'something else' while trying to break the lock (with a hammer?)
8) Give really bad electric shock there or secrete picric acid (of ants bite fame)

Yeah but women too can be bitches. Someone could take revenge on her decent caring loving guy about something trivial with the device. Plus, if the rapist gets really angered, the lady who could have got off with 'just rape' might suffer lot of physical injury or even murder.So even before considering the technical feasibility, this would need lot of other considerations
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  1. brilliant! whre do u get such original ideas from ..chncs r the gal will b so petrified that she wont evn b abl 2 use ur device ..n she wont xactly be wearin it as a bracelet will she?

  2. Stupid,

    You better patent this idea before someone reads your blog and actually goes and creates this one!!

  3. brillianto!!!My search for original humor ends here!!!:)

    goood stuff...

    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.-Thanks to none other than Solitaire for introducing me to your blog!!:)

  4. a guy can be raped.. chck previous season of desperate housewives..

    but the awesome is idea!!

  5. Oyye Stupid! Tu to shana ban raha hai :)

  6. hmm..6th one was like a nice punch .. funny to read but wud be a fitting lesson for that hopeless guy ...

  7. i love number 6 but u are soo right..women can be bitchy...but luved ur idea.. and solitaire is correct.. u shud get ur idea copyrighted..
    ps.full name ki kahani mail per sunati hoon and i hate ur vericode//aj phir mushkil hai

  8. @Think Tank

    I think something in your thought just tanked in here. I mean your think-tank just bombed I think.

    Where did the bracelet come from?
    I was talking about something similar to IUD or maybe something we can call IVD. So the victim will not have to use 'bracelet' like Wonder Woman to dodge the enemy's 'weapon'.

    It will be semi-permanently lodged in there (Like I have vague idea IUDs are lodged), or it could be lodged just when leaving for risk-prone locations and occasions.


    This is just a sheikh chilly day dream. What I have heard is that to get a patent, you must have a design ready for which you can apply for patent. Then, within a certain time frame, you should be able to demonstrate a working prototype that implements the principle of your design. The only the patent remains valid I think.

    For me to come up with an actual design in the first place, there are lots of obstacles:
    1) I don't know well the anatomy of the target where the device is going to be actually used. My knowledge is limited to what I got from class 12 biology which was again many years ago. So inspite of the fact that I got 90/100 in bio, I am no gynaecologist.
    2) The materials, mechanisms etc would have to really be well designed so as not to accidentally hurt the person who is supposed to be protected. Even trying to begin designing would need lots of info gathering and analysing. Probably cant be done without quitting my job :). I am no dynamic multitasking dynamo.

    Is it allowed to just patent an idea, without any feasible design? Please let me know how.

    Your quest for original humour ends
    on this post?!!!!

    @ Knatchbulley Hughzscene
    I am not interested in Ekta's desi-parade housewives nor phoren ki desparate housewives.

    What I mean is that a guy will be 'ready' for rape to be feasible until he wants it, at least to a certain extent. You can't thread a needle unless the thread is taut to some extent.

    Milkshake dost, milkshake ;)

    @chinmai & maryum,
    No 6 seems to be about making him a No 6 isn't it hehe!

    @maryum, bhej de mail. Padh loonga.

  9. Brilliant!!!


    I suggest the make impotent and latch around the thing and penile fracture doesn't sound too bad too!! ;)

    Keep writing!! :D
    And, do visit my blog sometime!!

    Cheers. ^_^

  10. Yes you're right, female anatomy-wise it won't be very feasible; would definitely hurt the female.

    LAB @ desi-parade housewives.

  11. Whoever said this, is as sick a person as the rapist himself/herself.


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