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The Stupid Little Economist Reptile

Monday, February 23, 2009
Today Stupidosaur can confidently say that he knows nothing much about the Economy.
However when he was little, he seriously had a notion that he knew all there is to Economy.

According to him, the A-Z of Economy was this:
Government prints money.
Daddy works for government.
Daddy keeps working for government, so government keeps printing money to pay daddy and other government employees.
So money keeps flowing into the economy.
And they all (milkman, grocer, and other components of the Economy) lived happily ever after!

At that time, the language of my thoughts wasn't as sophisticated as 'money flows into the economy', but idea or gist of 'how money comes into the world' was same :).

So much for the great economists of the world trying to figure out how to pump more money into the economy these days! The answer is simple!
"Employ more government servants ;)!"
Just ask Little Stupid to solve your Big Problems!

Hey wait, wasn't privatization the key to economic salvation? How did it come down to employing more government babus again? Damn!
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"I shall delay making new year resolutions this year!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Today, on this glorious pre-morning of the 18th of February 2009, let me go ahead and tell you why I did not make any new year resolutions this year.

Yes. I am talking about New Year Resolutions. Yes. That was almost two months ago.

Hey don't look at me! I already told you I did NOT make any resolutions. Not even about not procastrinating! So don't give me that look now!

Hmm so back to the story.....
I decided to make new year resolutions.
I made a list of resolutions to make.
But making a list does not make resolutions.
You have to take solemn oath about each resolution.
So I started reading the first aloud....

"I shall be a positive person.....!"

But then I got confused. Is this a good resolution?
In school I learnt that opposites attract. In college I learnt a different version of opposites attract, but never mind that.
So yeah I learnt in school that opposites attract.
So if I be positive, I'll attract everything negative.
But I actually want to be surrounded by positivity.
So I should rather resolve to be a negative person.

So I got confused.
Positive? Negative?
Negative or Positive?
Negative? Or Positive?
She loves me? She loves me not?
(Hey where did that come from? I told ya this was about school-time opposites attract, not college time :P. Oh yeah! Curses to the day before yesterday of the day before yesterday! Now lets get back to the original confusion from the detour confusion)

Ahem Topic Change Mat Kar!
To be positive or not to be, thats the question.
I got so confused about which way my first resolution should go, that I never reached the second resolution.

Its Feb already. Lets hope I clear this thing before December. So that I can make resolutions next year ;)
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Valentine Sadey

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Yes. The second word in the title is Hindi ;)
Nope nothing against Valentine's day. Just that I love to spoil everything including titles and festivals and everything else. I got an opportunity to combine the first two. How could I miss it?

Anyways, so on the Monday after the V-day....(Wait why am I getting confused, don't Monday's come after S-days? Oh yeah! But maybe in February they have a leap week, like leap year. Maybe in leap week there is an extra V-day)

OK, yeah back to the round and round point of the talk that I was making.
It was the Monday after the V-day. At office canteen, as usual I found a new group of bakras to have lunch with (I am still new to the company y'know! So plenty of bakra groups are still new to me)

This particular bakra: So how was you V-day man?
(Stupidosaur launches into an immensely melodramatic narrative about no such luck, apni toh kismat hi kharab hai, waste hai life, etc, etc.)
Stupidosaur : Ok so thats about me. How was you V-day?
This particular bakra (launches into an unnecessary braggy fairy tale of a yarn): Oh well ! You know I got calls from five girls...and I could not decide which....
Stupidosaur interrupts: Could not decide which credit card to buy? ;)\
(Guffaws all around)

(Now you also know why come Tuesday lunchtime, Stupidosaur will have to look for a new group of Bakras ;) )
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Humans are funny

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Hey people!
Thanks for missing me!
I am not back.
Because I was never gone ;)

You can be sure that all this while my Stupid mind has been full of usual things not worth blogging about, but about which I blog anyways. So lack of 'inspirations' was not the cause of the gap.

More about the cause of absence later. I am sure I can discuss on and on about it even though there may be no actual cause of absence.

Meanwhile here's a 'latest' one to keep you going:

"Humans are funny.
When things are under pressure, things experience compression.
But when Humans are under pressure, they experience tension!
Isn't tension the ooposite of compression :P?"
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