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Saturday, January 30, 2010
All is well?
Jump in it! :P
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
A Stupidosaur.
A city.
A night.
A stranger.
Plump fortyish.
A plea.
Hospitalised daughter.
Epilepsy treatment
Outstanding bills.
Money needed.

Stupid listens.
Refuses donation.
Sets condition.
Accompanying stranger.
Settling bills.

Stranger angry.
Feigns hurt.
"Stupidosaur untrusting!
Old man!
Honest, troubled!
Young generation!
So cynical!
Other work.
Then hospital!
Give money!
Cash, now!"

Yeah right!
Bloody fraud!

 Well, this is an actual event that happened to me. And this genre is my own invention to rival '55 fiction' that I can see all over the place! This genre is called '2 fact'. Pretty lame!  Actually 'Pretty lame!' is '2 fact' personified! First, in '2 fact', every 'sentence' can have only 2 words. "Pretty lame!" has two words. And second, the story must be factual. Again, that '2 fact' is pretty lame genre is a fact ;).
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In the end Math prevailed ;) ...

Saturday, January 2, 2010
In an apartment building

Floors have flats.
Flats have floor.

So mathematically, flats are subset of floors and floors are subset of flats. So floors and flats must be the same set.

Now you know why the floor is flat!

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